I heard it from a friend and when I tried it myself, it rocked my world.  We stopped messing around with one fad after another and found “the one”, the answer.  What was the question?  How to get our groove back.

“I was trying to live a healthy, authentic life” says Mark “but I was finding myself with less energy and less motivation, I couldn’t sleep through the night.  I tried to eat well and exercise regularly but I just felt like I was doing less with more”.

“I had many days that I just couldn’t get myself out of bed, and I couldn’t figure out why. I loved my work, had a great network of friends but I had zero energy.” explains Louise.

“My stomach ached and my skin erupted. I had contracted strep throat twice in 2 months and then walking pneumonia. In the midst of this my acne – which had been under control for a couple of years – became so bad I didn’t want to leave the house.” shares Andrea.

They’d all tried the “Top 20 Foods For insert problem here ” along with a host of other advice from the experts to cure what ailed them. And then Louise discovered ph360.me: “I heard about it from a friend, of course” says Louise. I went straight to their website and read everything I could about it.  Here is what Louise found.

Nutrigenomics pioneer, wellness guru and creator of ph360, Matt Riemann, began a personal quest more than 10 years ago to address his own health concerns. This search led him to several continents and connected him with an international team of researchers and led to the development of the algorithms used today. Independent research shows that scientific calculations of gene expression can determine the most effective ways to get healthy and stay healthy. These algorithms take a person’s raw data and provide a series of customized health and lifestyle insights and recommendations. Personalized health with a 360 degree view.  ph360.me

How does this work? First, you collect extensive body profile, family history and lifestyle information and enter it into the online platform (all you need is a soft tape measure and a computer to do this).  Next, ph360  runs that data through the series of algorithms that Matt and his team of scientists developed. Then, in 30 minutes from start to finish, you have the tools you need to transform your life. Notably, there is an extensive list of food recommendations – the absolute best “fuel” for your body, along with foods you would do best to avoid. There is also a comprehensive list, complete with how to guides, for the best exercises and sports for your particular body and even insights into your mind, talents, social style and the best environment for you.

Just like when you go shopping for that new pair of jeans and you rediscover that your body is unique because you can’t find a pair that fits, ph360 knows you are unique and they’ve customized their recommendations specifically for you. Maybe you don’t have to eat kale after all, and running is possibly not the best thing for your body. Mark’s recommendations are different to Louise’s and hers are different to Andrea’s. One thing they do have in common… they all look and feel amazing because they‘ve discovered personalized health.

“Actually, its food, fitness and environment as medicine” says Andrea, a nursing student.  “And the side effects are health, vitality and even happiness”.

Full disclosure – they each admit that there are a few things on their foods to avoid list that they really miss. Mark misses the coffee, Louise the chocolate and Andrea actually had a lot of foods to avoid initially but is now able to add a significant number of them back in. That’s another feature of this program that you don’t find anywhere else, you can re-do your body measurements as often as you like and get updated results.  Because those measurements show things like inflammation and hormone levels, when things are more in balance for you, recommended foods expand. As with any program, 100% adherence results in optimal benefit but even 80 to 90 % adherence will transform you.  Many people start off by committing to eating as much as possible from their highly recommended list and as little as possible from the avoid list, thus taking a small step in the right direction and reaping the benefits of that.

The talents, mind and social sections offer insights that may confirm that your lifestyle, career and habits are aligned with your true self and if not, provide recommendations to help you achieve this.  “ph360 is a truly holistic program, focusing on the health of your mind and spirit as well as your body” explains Matt.

So where are they now? “I’m sleeping again and feeling more energetic than I have in 3 years” says Mark. “My daughter just had my first grandson and I can be involved and enjoy him now where before I’d have been on the couch at every opportunity.”

“I’m back working in my business full time now, I never spend a day in bed anymore and my vitality is back, I’m so much happier. It changed my life” explains Louise

“I started feeling a lot better within two weeks of starting ph360, I haven’t been ill since and now I can go out without caking on makeup.” states Andrea.

Others following ph360 are also having remarkable results with their health – from extreme weight loss to the end of migraines, insomnia, skin problems, digestive issues, control of autoimmune disorders and even help to minimize the effects of treatment of serious illnesses like cancer.

30 minutes to the blueprint to rock your work and get your groove back. Not bad. And like all the best technology, the next generation is in the works.

ph360 is already evolving and Matt has just announced that they’ve begun development of a personal health assistant called Shae™.  Shae™ is a mobile platform that will literally put personalized health in the palm of your hand. It will have all the functionality of ph360 and these are just a few of the many planned features. Shae™ will:

  • Integrate with wearable devices, compare it with other data and recommend activity, foods and rest.
  • Integrate Geomedicine through GPS, making recommendations for foods, activities, transportation and more based on where you are in the world.
  • Provide real time updates based on current data, recognizing the tendencies of your specific body and alerting to preventative advice.
  • Provide a schedule optimizer based on a your own body rhythm to help you minimize stress, increase productivity and just be happy.

If engagement and enthusiasm are signs, we can take it from ph360 users that this is a program that works. In an act of unpaid, authentic endorsement, beyond the fact that they are telling their friends about it – hundreds of ph360 users have volunteered to be part of the Global ChangeMakers, donating their time to a campaign to mobilize like-minded personalized health enthusiasts to help support the development of Shae™. Together we can make this revolutionary technology a reality.

By Toni Morberg

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