We’ve been thinking about what’s important for us this holiday season and so have come up with 4 top tips for a memorable gifting experience this holiday season..!

  1. Give the gift of experience

Try giving a gift of experience. There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ out there that none of us really needs.. And aside from creating lots of landfill or toxic waste Stuff can sometimes clutter up our living space a little too much… (or if you’re travelling, you have to leave it to clutter up someone else’s space anyway!)

An experience can be life changing – from something as simple as cooking a nice meal for someone to treating them to a luxurious health retreat – it creates a memory they CAN take with them to the grave.

  1. Give a gift of health

We all know the slight sinking feeling when we get that one-too-many box of chocolates that is not going to help at all when it comes to new year’s resolution time! So choose wisely when you gift. Skip the unhealthy chocolates, pretzels, candies or baked goods and go for something that promotes health and vitality – something that will have your loved ones feeling fabulous from day 1 well into the new year! Maybe it’s a fruit arrangement, maybe it’s a motivational coaching session, maybe it’s ph360-Shae that will keep on giving that gift of health. Thinking ahead for your giftee might save you all a lot of hard work in the log run!

  1. Give your gift with love

More important for us than the gift is how it’s given. Is it given with a smile? Do we get a big hug at the same time? Are there smirks and chuckles as it’s unwrapped..? Do their eyes light up or their brows crease in confusion at the ultimate reveal..? Sharing your gift giving with others makes special moments you can remember. Be present (lol – great pun!) when you give and when you receive to make the gifting experience even more enjoyable.

Make every gift a special occasion by giving the most important assets you have -your time and attention!

  1. Use this time as a platform for forgiveness

We often her stories about how hard, or stressful the festive season is – having to catch up with relatives or people you don’t like much or ever talk to. So why not use this situation as a gift to yourself.. Forgive the people in your life you feel have done wrong by you. Even if it’s someone you’ve been at odds with recently.. Simply look at them, smile, use your ho’oponopono (those 4 statements: I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.) and let the past go. Share a moment of friendship and gratitude – even if it lasts a moment and you both go your own way after that, you can instantly relieve the pressure and tension in a situation just by making the choice to forgive there and then.

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