A good visit with your primary care physician (there is such a thing as a good doctor’s visit, we promise!) should include not just a conversation about the challenging symptoms you may be facing, but also a comprehensive overview of the lifestyle you’re living and how well it’s serving you. Does such a frank and open conversation about your life sound out of place in the doctor’s office? If so, perhaps it’s time you rethought your approach to doctor’s visits.

The truth is, your doctor would be much happier to see you both when you’re healthy and when you’re sick, rather than receiving a phone call when you’re running a 104º fever and can’t keep any food down. So in the interest of fostering a new kind of relationship with your primary care physician—one based on preventative wellness—here are 5 things your doctor will be thrilled to hear you say:

  • “How can I take better care of myself?” Developing a strong daily health care regimen will not only help you, it will also support you in your ongoing relationship with your physician, and allow them to take much better care of you. Working proactively as a team will supercharge your health progress.
  • “What’s a healthy weight for my body?” Every body has a different personal best for its unique physical profile. While your doctor may not be able to answer this question in explicit detail, they can help guide you in the right direction. (More on ways to figure out your personal best below!)
  • “What preventative or diagnostic tests should I have each year?” Yet another way to show your doctor you have a vested interest in taking care of yourself—before any problems may arise.
  • “Are there any red flags in my health profile that I should know about?” Engaging in an open dialogue with your physician about the most significant health challenges you’re currently facing or may encounter in the future will help forge an alliance on your path to wellness. The more honestly you explore your health with your physician, the more you will be able to achieve together.
  • “How often should I come see you?” Prioritizing your relationship with your primary care physician will alert them to the fact that you take your health seriously, and inspire them to be as present with you as you are with them. Preventative health is a process that can be rewarding when embarked upon with enthusiasm and insight.

The cutting edge wisdom of epigenetic science now makes preventative care more tangible than ever, particularly through software applications like ph360. ph360 will enhance your relationship with your healthcare providers and empower you to make the kinds of fitness, dietary, and lifestyle choices that keep you well for years to come. Moreover, using your body’s current measurements and epigenetic profile, ph360 can help you discover your unique personal bests, from weight to exercise training.

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