How easily taking care of yourself falls by the wayside when you’re faced with the realities of bills, babies, and business meetings. Which is where a personalized health program like ph360 comes into the picture.

Imagine if you had a best friend that was with you at all times, and always had your back. That defended your most precious resources: Your time, your energy, and your mental and physical health. How much more of an asset would you be to the world if you were, dare we say it…happy?

ph360 is that best friend, delivering uniquely individualized insight about your diet, exercise, mental health, career, social life, and lifestyle in unprecedented ways. But how do you integrate all of that insight on a daily basis?

Here are 5 ways to tap into a happier you, beginning right now:

  1. Take time for yourself. Especially if you’re of the generous type, it can be far too easy to let your own needs slip by the wayside in favor of the needs of those around you, whether your family, friends, or work colleagues.Taking time for yourself on a daily and weekly basis is critical. Just 5-10 minutes a day of uninterrupted me-time—even if that’s sitting an extra few minutes in your car before your walk into the office—can make a huge difference. It will shift your perspective on issues that are troubling you, keep you focused on what’s important, and refill your cup so you can give even more vibrantly to those you care about most.

  2. Do what you love. Just as important as taking time for yourself is to do something every day that you love. Again, even if you only have a few minutes a day to invest in it, find an activity that truly motivates you. Whether that’s jogging, white water rafting, or crocheting, don’t let anyone get in between you and the joy of doing what you love.
  3. Eat foods that fuel you. Use your ph360 FOOD dashboard to discover the foods that will make you happy from the inside out. It’s a whole lot easier to achieve mental balance when your body is in balance, and that begins with getting the nutrients you need. Eating foods that fuel you will also help stabilize hormone production and levels, keeping your perspective a bit more even-keeled and your physiological processes (think: sleep, digestion, libido) running more smoothly.
  4. Protect your sleep schedule. Speaking of sleep, just six words to say on this subject: Get enough, at the right times. Remember that going to sleep before 11 pm may be more important than getting the legendary 8 hours that everyone dreams of.
  5. Spend time with people who inspire you. As important as it is to take time for yourself, it’s equally invaluable to surround yourself with people who inspire. While nobody’s perfect, and everyone has a down day sometimes, it’s critical to assess the quality of your relationships and make sure you’re investing in people who uplift you. Take the time to have meaningful conversations with those you love, and feel the power of deepening your relationships beyond superficial small talk

As you find ways to keep yourself happy on a moment-to-moment basis, keep track of it all on ph360! Start your Lifetime Membership today.

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