I would like to share my journey of transformation during my retreat with the  ph360 team in Bali. This is the first trip that I made on my own but I pushed through my fears because I knew I needed help to break through from my old self full of fears and limitations. My heart knew that this was the right step for me.

After a thorough assessment, the retreat included  wonderful personalized meals and healing  sessions with a gifted team. I was guided safely and confidently to realize the true essence of me. What a blessing to work with this gifted team of healers that were able to help identify and release old traumas and stuck negative emotions that I had been carrying most of my life. It felt so freeing to move from stressful negative emotions to fill up with joy and happiness!

I learned through  deep relaxing meditations and thoughtful exercises to let go of old beliefs that were no longer serving me and to embrace the belief that I am perfect the way I am. I learned to enjoy just being me. What a sense of freedom this gives one!

In this space I was able to identify all the possibilities that excite my passion and to know the most important thing in life is to pursue my own passions, and in doing so I serve the world. Each of our spirits are unique yet we are all connected, so as we soar we share this with everyone.

Donna Antonishak

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