As I explored here, we all need different things to feel good and enjoy our time together over the holiday season. This is a time of giving, so it’s good to make the effort to understand and appreciate each other better.

But what about you? How do you take care of yourself in an easy and healthy way?

Here are some tips for each of the Health Types to give you easy but effective ways to keep the stress down and the enjoyment high for you.

Activators: Stay fuelled & stay active!

– If you’re going to a late lunch/dinner – or the dreaded “finger food only” event – don’t get caught out hungry, or worse, hangry! Eat well before. Nobody needs to know or challenge you, and you’re not stuck on anyone else’s schedules to stay fed.

– Move! Carry, set up or clear things, play with the kids, dance, do push ups in the hallway when you go to the bathroom, or try and excite others with a game or competition. (Just choose your team mates & competitors carefully – maybe not your diplomat cousin who’s deep in conversation!)

Connectors: Connect & have fun!

– Connect with family & friends! Even if you can’t visit everyone, make calls, send messages, even if it’s been a while. Don’t let yourself feel lonely or forgotten at all – you’re definitely not!

– If you’re ever short on human contact – love it up with the animals! (Even if it’s someone else’s pet!)

– Boost the vibe wherever you are- even when it’s just you! Play music, dance, decorate, dress up for the season – and take fun photos and videos to share!

Guardians: Fill your cup – let others take care of you too!

– It’s wonderful to nurture others, but it’s good for you to be nurtured too. Invite your loved ones to cook & prepare with you, so you are supported and spending special time with them too.

– If a loved one isn’t able to be with you in person, make a way to feel as close with them as possible. Have face-to-face calls while you share special moments, like unwrapping gifts or enjoying a meal, even if you’re a world apart.

Diplomats: Take your time & connect deeply.

– Take it easy when you can, especially in the mornings. The day will be much smoother for you if you can prepare things before, or delegate out to those who are better in the mornings.

– Ask for helpers. Share tasks and do them together. You’ll feel less pressured and you’ll get a chance to connect with those you care about.

– Enjoy deep connections – have meaningful conversation so you feel fulfilled and not rushed by the precious time you have with loved ones.

Sensors: Keep your nervous system settled.

– Stay warm. If it’s Summer, that means air conditioning, and if it’s Winter, enough said. Have layers so you’re ready for any climate – natural and artificial.

– Schedule winding down rituals each evening – take warm baths, meditate, rest in darkness, stillness & quiet.

– Avoid predictably high stimulus situations as much as you can, so you’re set for the social events you choose to attend. Shop in quieter times, or ask someone else to. Make your space even lower stimulation than usual – even if it’s just a room / bathroom / large cupboard to escape to.

Crusaders: Prioritise & compartmentalise.

– Get major tasks done before social engagements so you’re not distracted

– Make lists of anything that still needs doing and leave it in that box until you can get to it (preferably not when all your relatives want to spend time with you)

– If long social engagements are not your priority, categorise them as “completing a task that is necessary and useful for others” – you might even find you’re able to see how it’s good for you to be taking that break too.

Enjoy yourself these holidays, in the way that is good for you. Try these simple steps to take care of your mind & body, with all the extra things going on over the season.

When you feel good, it’s much easier to make healthy choices, and enjoy them. And it’s much easier to help others feel good too.

Share this with your family and friends so they can help you take care of yourself too!

Happy holidays!

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