My Dear Child,

You’ll be arriving any day now. I want you to know the vision I hold for you. For the world that you will be joining.

The world you’re about to be born into is changing.

Your great-grandparents were born into a world where people were defined by what made them different – the colour of their skin, their gender, their beliefs. Many believed certain differences made someone superior, and others made them less.

Your grandparents were born into a world where many fought hard for people to really see what actually made us all the same – that we are all people, no matter our colour, creed or gender. That we should all be equal.

Your parents grew up in a world where we began to learn who we are as individuals, trying to be someone among so many. At once different, but the same. Neither better nor less.

There has been so much learning and preparation by those who’ve come before you. But the world is still getting there.

You’re coming into the world that is discovering who we can be. That we can be so much more. More than what came before us. More than whatever we are born into, more than our conditions. We do not need to carry our past. We do not need to carry our wounds. We can heal. We can embrace ourselves. We can value each other. We are each at once unique and equal. In our uniqueness we each serve a purpose.

I do not know what Type you will be. It doesn’t matter. Just as I do not know what colour your eyes will be, and that doesn’t matter. I can look at your parents and grandparents and guess and imagine what is likely, but I don’t know for sure.

I see you now just as You. A pure little person. No labels, no boxes to restrict and define you. And that is how I will always see you. You will have features, traits and talents that could make you ‘fit’ certain labels, but they don’t matter.

You are being born into a world where I believe labels will cease to matter. They have helped us so far in understanding our similarities and differences as people, helping us to understand ourselves and each other. Some of us will keep needing those labels to help us navigate from the worlds we grew up in, into the future world you’ll be growing up in.

But you and your generation are going to move beyond that. No labels. No boxes. You will just be You. You will just be. And by being You, you will know your value. You will know your purpose.

And you will see this in others. You will honour, respect and value all others, seeing them for who they are. You will not feel the need to label or box others, just as they will not need to label or box you.

You need not relive the struggles of those who’ve come before you, searching for recognition of who are they truly are – both within themselves and the world. You need not search for your health and your happiness. You will live it, in being truly You.

I cannot wait to meet You. And I cannot wait for you to meet this world.

With all my love,
Your Mother.

Natalie will be taking a break to welcome her baby into the world, but you can still support and connect through ph360 and her Facebook page.

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