When emotions build up it can cause a huge amount of stress in our bodies and that means we are much more susceptible to getting sick!

Why is that? In the simplest of terms, stress puts your body on ‘high alert’. This means it uses resources to cope with the stress rather than to do the everyday tasks like keeping your immune system strong and healthy.  

It’s like getting an urgent task at work – you have to let everything else go for a little bit to get the urgent task done… then you find yourself snowed under and fall behind with all the catch up you need to do from your regular schedule..! 

So how can we try to keep those emotional stress levels down…?

Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Let it out.For some, an explosion of physical activity works, for others, calmly releasing things into the atmosphere may work, and others still need to verbally express and vent about how they feel. Whatever you do, try to avoid holding it in and letting it build up or fester. That just creates more that your body needs to handle.


  2. Talk about it.Preferably with someone who is, firstly, a great listener and secondly can be supportive and stay unbiased. It is helpful to feel heard and supported and at the same time not having someone reinforcing our emotions or feelings of victimhood.


  3. See the GOOD.Even amidst a global pandemic there IS something positive. During lockdown or crises like the recent fires, people revert to what really matters – holding family close, supporting others in need, and creating a stronger sense of community. We forget about the stress of which clothes to buy next and how many likes we get in social media – is that such a bad thing?


Our emotions come and go, it’s just another part of being human. The bad stress comes when we hold onto those emotions and don’t allow them to move on.

Recognize your emotions, acknowledge them and the help they give you, and then let them go so they don’t pile up and get overwhelming!

You can find out how you release your stress best with your ph360 insights and if that’s not enough, connect with an endorsed Personal Health Coach to help guide you through.


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