If you’re quarantined or being shoved outside of your usual routine, don’t let your daily movement slip in your priorities!

When you move, amazing things actually happen in your body…

  1. Your circulatory system works better.

    That means that your blood moves nutrients much more efficiently to all parts of your body! So even your toes get what they need to stay healthy!

  2. Your lymphatic system works better.

    When you walk or move your body, your muscles help to pump your lymph. This means that when your body fights off things like infection, it gets removed from your body quicker!

  3. Sweating and breathing remove waste products from your body.

    Throughout every day your ingenious body is working for you and releasing its toxic waste, when you move your body a little more, getting sweaty and breathing heavy, you make this process even more efficient!

Just because you’re stuck at home, or your lifestyle has changed doesn’t mean you need to become a couch potato!  Here are three simple ways to combat boredom and lethargy:

1. Your ph360 app can tailor a workout for your specific body with one tap. Just choose the parameters like the duration and intensity of the workout you want and tap ‘Create’. You’ll have a complete strength session waiting for you in seconds.

2. Choose a Cardio Workout in your app! Simply navigate to FITNESS, choose CARDIO and there you have it – a library of videos (with different durations) to puff along with!

3. Moving through a full range of motion helps you make the most of your daily activities and even improves your sporting performance. Your app has a flexibility routine waiting for you now – simply go to FITNESS, choose FLEXIBILITY and start stretching!

Come join us in the group and tell us how you’re using your workouts to feel good!

Keep moving to stay healthy! 😃

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