What is natural genius? Simply those things that you’re naturally really good at! 

And how does this help my immune system? 

As strange as it may seem, everything that helps you to reduce your stress gives your body the opportunity to strengthen your immune system. When it comes to using your natural genius, this helps in 2 ways…

A) It supports the people around you – in your family and community – so that the overall stress is lowered. 

B) It allows you, your body and your mind to do things that you find easy – which means much less pressure and much less individual stress

So how do you use your natural genius in daily life? 

  1. Do what makes you smile.

    It may be cooking a meal for your neighbor, being a great listener for your friends, checking off lists, tending the garden, doing the shopping or just staying at home and getting all your work done efficiently. If it makes you smile it’s already reducing your stress levels.

  2. Check out your ph360 insights.

    Navigate to LIFESTYLE and explore your Genius, Mind and Social sections. Mull over them yourself, discuss them with your loved ones or your coach and see how your lifestyle can accommodate your genius.

  3. Get to know the people around you.

    You have different strengths and genius to the people around you. See if your loved ones have skills that complement yours. When we work together, things can be much more efficient, pleasant and productive for everyone! 


You can delve deep into your ph360 to find out about YOUR natural genius and the people around you? Well, they can dive in with ph360 or simply start with their HealthType!

If you haven’t yet seen The HealthType Course it’s a great opportunity to learn about all the bodies around you and how to recognize their natural strengths at a glance! I’d love to see you in there! 🙂 


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