The quest for the most effective diet is epic in scope–yet few have returned with any kind of holy grail. Why? Because there is no one weight loss inducing food or diet that works best for everyone. Each of us has a distinct genetic blueprint that results in unique nutritional needs and specific hormonal and physiological requirements in order to lose weight effectively.

Low carb, low fat, vegan, paleo, Atkins, and the many other diets on the market today are not right for everyone. The best foods for you will be completely specific to your hormone levels, your genetics, your age and gender, and even the climate where you live.

Acknowledging every individual’s distinct needs, ph360 uses a proprietary algorithm that takes into account hormone levels, body shape and size, and your unique epigenetic profile. Epige-what? Epigenetics is the science of how your environment and lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) affect the expression of your genes. It’s widely known that although you may carry genes that predispose you to certain health conditions or diseases, those genes will not necessarily be expressed.

It’s up to you to eat, exercise, and live in the way that keeps you healthy—starting with what your genes need. And ph360 can provide you with the specific details to start eating the foods that will help you lose weight for good.

The ph360 FOOD dashboard provides a personalized list of Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid, with rankings for each food so you know what you can eat often, and what you should try to avoid as much as possible. These lists are based on scientific calculations of the nutrient properties of each food, and how they will react in your specific body.

Some of the foods might be surprising. For example, brussels sprouts can interfere with thyroid function in some people, and watermelon may have too high of a glycemic index for some. Your list of Foods to Avoid may not necessarily include what you’d expect, providing even greater evidence of how important it is to work with a diet plan customized to your body.

You can begin today by noticing the foods that make your body feel light and alive, and those that make your body feel heavy and dull. This is a fast and easy way to discover what works and what doesn’t for your unique physiology and genetic makeup. The next step? Enlisting the affordable help of a personalized health program like

It’s time to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to dieting and take the plunge into the world of real nutritionand foods that help you lose weight because they heal your body on every level. Learn more today at!

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