Is there a best vacation place that will benefit your health more than other locations? Ph360 tells you the best place for you to vacation and the best week of the year specifically for you. Why is this important, and is the information correct?

If your measurements have been entered into the program correctly, then yes, PH360 know when and where you should vacations. Precisely what the program is telling you is that during a certain week each year, your body’s natural circadian rhythm is renewing itself. Your body will be regenerating specific cells, resetting the system, so to speak, and rejuvenating the body. If your body is under stress, or not healthy, you may find that you are exhausted that week, as your body closes down your energy to preserve it for restoration. This is all based on Chinese Medicine and has been observed and used for thousands of years.

In addition to knowing that a certain week is best for your body to rest, we also know what environments serve your body well. There are many instances where a person has become ill with many symptoms and then they spend a month in the correct vacation environment for their body and they experience a remarkable recovery or improvement.

Your body adapts better to certain temperatures and humidity level. In some environments, your body is working far less to maintain body temperature. For example, if a cool climate is better for your body, and you happen to live in a hot climate, then your body is working every day to stay cool. This taps resources that your body could be using for healing, making new cells, or exercising and going about your day. The same is true if your body prefers a hot climate and you live in a cold place. Now your body is working all of the time to stay warm instead of making trillions of new cells each year. The cold taxes your system and leave less energy available for repair, fighting off germs, or burning fat.

People have questions, such as:

  • What if I prefer to vacation at a different time of year than my suggested week or I can’t get that week off of work? If you are unable to vacation that week, then during that week, rest as your are able, pamper yourself, make time for fun and give your body some of the downtime that will help support it while it rejuvenates.
  • What if I prefer a cool climate and it says I need a hot climate? In this case, check your measurements carefully. One thing we know about you is your biotype which is determined with your measurements. If they are incorrectly entered, then your profile could be incorrect. If the measurements are accurate, then please try the suggested vacation place. It just might make you feel amazing.
  • If it is a good place to vacation, can I live in that environment? Yes. The Best Vacation Place is a good environment for you in general. If you already live in your best environment, then your body is well supported. If you have on going health issues, spending more time in your ideal climate will be beneficial to your health.

Keep in mind that location matters when it comes to vacation and improving your health. Do what you can do vacation in your ideal climate and to rest or vacation during your best week. See how you feel. The results may just surprise you. Visit us at to learn more

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