“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

It is truly amazing what a difference a good night’s sleep can make. At the end of a long, perhaps stressful, day the prospect of everything that must be done tomorrow can seem daunting. The next morning, however, everything seems a little bit easier. What seemed daunting the day before, now looks entirely achievable. Why is that? What difference do 8 hours of unconsciousness make?

At the physiological, physical, and psychological levels we simply need sleep. Your body gets a rest, your mind gets a break, and your cells have time to regenerate and repair. We all need sleep. Some of us need more or less than others but it is necessary for everyone. So basically, you feel better after sleeping because your body is better – it’s rested, rejuvenated and fresh. You have more energy on a physical level and your brain is ready for action. So tasks seem more achievable than they did the night before because they are more achievable. Your mind and body are more prepared to complete them.

On another, less tangible, level, there is something magical in the sense of infinite possibility that you feel at the beginning of a new day. This happens to me all the time. A challenge at work, a difficult conversation, a pile of housework and many other things that pop up in life from time to time will seem frustrating and like a mountain to climb. Then I go to bed, get some sleep, rejuvenate, and in the morning that mountain starts to look like a molehill. A new solution pops into my head for that challenge at work, the difficult conversation seems less dramatic, the pile of housework isn’t as big as I thought. Like magic! All the tasks and responsibilities don’t go away but they do seem more manageable and not as overwhelming. I really do feel stronger physically and mentally.

I really love mornings for this exact reason but I know that it is the previous night’s sleep that has made it possible. That’s why I make sure to prioritise sleep – I know that I will get more done and do it better in the morning. When the whole day is stretched out in front of me and it is filled with infinite possibilities. The morning has presented me with new strength and new ideas. I just have to reach out and grab them.

Katarina Smythe

Do you get enough sleep? Have you noticed the difference a good night’s rest can make? Or are you a night owl? Let us know in the comments!

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