When we founded ph360, our goal was pretty straightforward: To eliminate chronic pain and disease through the tools of personalized health. An admittedly lofty goal, but one that I have been passionate about for years. As someone who struggled to find my own way out of a life threatening genetic abnormality, I tried just about every dietexercise, and therapeutic plan on the way to health. I learned that the only path to my optimal state of health was an entirely personalized one.

I discovered this the hard way, only after trying to do what worked for everyone else. I sweated through hot yoga classes, I tried the Paleo diet, and I tried to force myself into a hundred other health approaches that worked for other people. It wasn’t until I understood how my lifestyle could affect the expression of my genes that I recognized the impossibility of trying to find health through someone else’s blueprint.

Our DNA contains the genetic map for how we look and for our predisposition to many diseases. And though our DNA can’t be changed, genes may or may not be expressed. Epigenetic science has shown thatlifestyle can actually affect whether or not a gene is expressed—meaning that just because you have the genetic predisposition for a disease, you can live your life in such a way that the disease does not manifest.

Having experienced this firsthand, I know that every choice I make on a daily basis, from the time I wake up to what I eat to where I work to the people I interact with, influences both my genes and my health. This means I have tremendous responsibility for my own wellness. I can’t simply rely on someone else’s program for health—every moment of every day might mean health or disease both now and in the future.

Epigenetic science is at the core of ph360’s algorithm—we use your body’s unique measurements and your health history to determine the foodsexercisesand environments that will be best for your genes. Each part of your ph360 dashboard is packed with highly detailed insights about what will keep your body and mind balanced and vibrant. So whether you’re looking to lose weight or recover from disease, the personalized approach to health gives you the power to revolutionize your well-being, for good.

Can personalized health technology change the world? Absolutely. By giving each person the key to their own health, we will empower individuals to truly take care of themselves. In turn, they will be able to serve their communities in myriad unique ways. A world full of people inspired to be fully themselves, finding health by embracing their individuality, is a world ready to heal at every level—free from chronic pain and disease.

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