Can You Prevent Disease: Flipping the Genetic Switch on Illness

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Although we are all born with a fixed set of genes, the way those genes express themselves in our bodies is dependent on a number of factors. One of the biggest variables in genetic expression is our lifestyle and environment. Depending on how we are affected by the environment in which we live, certain genes may be turned “on” or “off”—like a light switch.

For example, although some people carry the gene that predisposes them to breast cancer, this gene may or may not be activated. And the way we live, where we live, our levels of health and fitness, and even our relationships and profession can influence this expression. So while knowing your genetic predispositions can be valuable, living a healthy life according to your body’s unique needs is the best way to flip the switch on those genes that might cause you harm.

Although purchasing a full DNA test is one way to determine your predispositions, the technology behind ph360 allows you to assess a wide array of epigenetic factors that will be critical to maintaining your health. It does so by analyzing your body’s unique measurements (using the science of anthropometry), your personal health history, and the determining the normal ranges of those measurements for your particular genetic profile.

ph360 then provides access to the distinct epigenetic factors that will promote rather than detract from your health. Because true health is not as simple as treating symptoms as they arise. To ensure lasting wellness that reaches all the way to your DNA, it’s critical to address your health on both physical, mental, and emotional planes—working not just from the inside out but from the outside in.

As you begin to understand the ideal physical, social and professional environments, perspectives, fitness and food plans that will help you thrive, your body will naturally align to its original state of vibrant health. Avoiding disease then becomes more about the joy of living well on a moment-to-moment basis than the fear of impending illness. And the benefits of feeling healthy and strong only beget greater enthusiasm to make preventative health a priority.

Before you know it, you’ll be thrilled to eat that salad instead of french fries—just because you know how good it’s going to make you feel. There’s no better way to prevent illness, as far as we can tell! Start your own journey towards flipping the switch on disease today.

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