For years, dieters have assumed they needed to follow one extreme diet or exercise fad after the next in order to reach their desired weight loss goals. But research shows that fad diets rarely have the effect desired, and it’s unlikely that the hot exercise trend of the moment is ideally paired to what your body actually needs.

So when it comes to losing weight fast, it’s actually about eating the best foods for your body and giving yourself the movement that’s suited to your body’s musculoskeletal structure. Unfortunately, most weight loss strategies are one-size-fits-all, which is why they rarely work, or last.

Every body has distinct needs in terms of how it digests and metabolizes food, processes and produces hormones, and moves its unique shape through the world. This means that there are as many perfect weight loss plans, diets, and exercise routines as there are people on the earth. The most important aspect of a weight loss strategy is that it is individualized.

The personalized health movement now affords more opportunities than ever to explore what’s right for YOU, not your mother, your sister, your BFF, or your neighbor. Although this is the era of the individual, it’s becoming harder than ever to distinguish what’s right for your own health from what the health and fitness industries would like you to believe is ubiquitously right for everyone.

Fortunately, the quantified self movement, and the advent of personalized health technology like the Fitbit and the forthcoming Apple Watch, are changing the ease with which you can find the best weight loss plan for yourself. And with personalized health apps like, it’s now possible to find a solution that works, and one that will change with youas your body and your goals change, too.

While Cross Fit may be appropriate for someone with strong joints, a person who has less musculoskeletal stability will suffer from such an overburdening of their body’s natural capacities. In the same way, running, spinning, yoga, and many others may be right for some bodies while actually destructive for others.

The same is true for diets. Someone with a shortage of naturally occurring iron may suffer from a vegan diet that is low in this element. And a person who has extremely high cholesterol and risk of heart disease may not be well-advised to stay long on the Paleo diet.

Which is why a personalized health platform like ph360 may be the best way to win the battle against weight gain, and lose weight for good. ph360 uses your body’s own measurements to reveal the specific foods and exercises that will support you in reaching your naturally optimal state.

Because this isn’t a fad, it’s you being your best self, and losing weight in the process.

Explore your own personalized weight loss plan at today.

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