Have you noticed that every diet product claims it is effective when used simultaneously with a healthy diet and regular exercise program? Hmm… Did you surmise that it’s the healthy diet and exercise that are actually the effective ingredients in each? And is it just excess consumption that’s to blame for excess weight or can it be that a person is not necessarily overeating, but is eating the wrong things for them?

It is an established fact that healthy eating, conservative in quantity, combined with regular exercise is the generic diet prescription. However, for permanent healthy weight loss, the first step is not a diet but a lifestyle change. And how do you know what’s right for you when you do decide to make this lifestyle change? Here are some tips for success.

Analyze and understand your current food and fitness patterns. You can increase your success by feeding and fueling yourself with exactly what is perfect for you. You can ensure that the choices that you are making really count and in doing so, naturally shed pounds. One person’s superfood is another person’s poison. Precision health, personalized to the individual, is the answer and Personal Health 360 (ph360) is the most integrated platform available to do exactly that. As Matt Riemann, personalized health expert and founder of ph360 explains, “Employing scientific calculations of each user’s body measurements, genetic data, lifestyle and health history, ph360 provides a series of food, fitness and lifestyle recommendations and insights customized just for you and designed to deliver optimal health. It’s practical, actionable lifestyle wisdom personalized just for you.” And “Regarding weight loss, ph360 never asks users to count calories—it’s about giving the body what it needs, rather than depriving it. When the body is fully in balance, it naturally sheds excess weight.” This statement is validated by the many testimonials from ph360 users, even those who began the program to address other health issues, and ended up losing weight simply by giving their own bodies what they needed.

Decide to make a few small changes at a time and make those changes habits, thereby creating a new lifestyle. Research shows that for lasting weight loss, simple gradual changes win. And before you know it, these changes become new habits. Creating new habits with ease may sound daunting or even futuristic but help is actually here. ph360 is evolving and its personal health assistant Shae™ provides more than a dozen life-altering features based on an individual’s personal body profile. Using real time data, these are just some of the things that Shae™ is created to do:

  • Recommend the specific foods that are the absolute best fuel for a specific person and provide delicious, tested recipes using those very foods.
  • Recommend the very best exercises for the individual’s fitness goals and body type, the ideal time of day to exercise and the best sports to play.
  • Integrate with wearable devices, provide real time updates based on current data, compare information with the individual’s specific tendencies and other data gathered during the day, and recommend the best activities, foods and rest for that specific person.
  • Integrate with Geomedicine through GPS, making recommendations for foods, activities, transportation and more based on where the person is in the world.
  • Provide a schedule optimizer based on the individual’s own bodily rhythm to help them minimize stress and increase productivity.

It is a proven fact that diets don’t work and that lifestyle changes are required for long-term weight management. The combination of ph360 and Shae™ makes lifestyle changes simple. It’s like health without thinking.

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