How many times a day do you hear yourself say I should……?

 It’s possibly that ‘should’ is a big part of your vocabulary, and as you start out with ph360, should might be creeping in even more :

I should eat more 5 smiles, I should exercise more, I should check the site daily

I should eat less; I should have asked; I should know that.  I could go on and on and I’m sure you can add hundreds to this list from all areas of your life!

‘I should…… ‘nearly always leads to a flood of self criticism and guilt when used in the past tense and worry, procrastination or internal nagging when used in the future tense.

These 2 little words invoke feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness which lead to stress, anxiety, and a downwards spiral of ‘not being good enough’. Physically, making you look small as your shoulders and head drop and if at home alone you may even want to curl up into a tight little ball and hide.


Just switching these 2 words can transform your life as COULD is full of possibilities and has no room for self punishment.

Learn to catch yourself saying “I should… ” and switch it to ‘I could’ and see how different you feel.  Don’t beat yourself up when you forget, just practice whenever you remember or reflect on your day and the times you did use ‘should’ and reword them in your mind.

This is a practice that could change your life not something you should do!

By Pam Lob

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