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Mother Earth a beautiful place in which we all live, but the earth is struggling due to climate change, mismanagement and overuse of resources.

We are dependent for our personal health on the health of mother earth.  Poor air and water quality, the overuse of pesticides and chemicals on the land and within our homes is affecting the health of us all.  It is now basically impossible to find a totally pristine environment anywhere on this beautiful earth that is not being damaged in some form from mankinds intervention.


You are the product of your environment. What you eat, how you exercise, where you live, what you do for a living and who you spend time with all have an affect on your epigenetics, your gene expression. Therefore the health of the planet has a direct influence on you. As you too, have a direct influence on the health of the planet.


We are currently in a society that is filled with quick-fixes, short attention spans and lots of conflicting information. The health of the people of the world despite all the latest medical knowledge and technology in many aspects is declining, the rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia are on the rise.


Rather than treating signs and symptoms of disease we need to look at the root cause and this is most frequently related to the environment people are giving to their bodies. By giving our bodies the right environment disease can be prevented and we can all lead a healthy, active, happy life.


Matt Riemann founder of ph360 and the team are on a mission to change world health and have set up the Global Changemakers Campaign ….

  • To provide accessible and affordable personalized health solutions for every human on the planet.
  • To educate and empower people to be proactive about their personal health, given the knowledge that it will make them healthier and happier.
  • Allow personalized health and wellness to become the daily norm for maintaining health and avoiding disease.
  • Eliminate chronic pain and disease over the coming generations so that individuals don’t suffer losses due to preventable disease.
  • For preventative health to be second nature so that people are free to concentrate on their purpose.

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Earth Day was founded in 1970 to channel human energy towards environmental issues. Over the years it has grown to be a global event with more than 1 billion people participating making it the “largest civic observance in the world” (

ph360 and The Global Changemakers Campaign are delighted to support Earth Day 2016 by spreading love around the planet on 22nd April via Twitter @ph360me and will be donating to their mission to plant 7.8 billion trees for the earth.

Want to know more about ph360 and how we aim to improve world health visit

To show our support, we’re asking all ph360 founding members to join us in updating your Facebook profile pictures for 3 days to show you care!

Simply download your favourite photo here & upload it to your social media profile.. that’s it!

We hope to see a sea of pink & blue #Shae hearts across the web!!

Thank you so much for supporting our Mother Earth! Without her none of us could enjoy this incredible life!

Much love & happiness!

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