By Toni Morberg

Health advice is pervasive. Contradictory. Marketing motivated.

Millions of us strive for health and fitness and put countless hours each week into achieving our goals. Often with limited results. We’re relatively fit and within normal BMI. We prepare and consume mainly healthy meals. But we’re not quite feeling it.  We may still have low energy, difficulty sleeping, poor digestion and thought function…..we don’t LOOK as good as we’d like to.  Our food, our fitness, our environment, is harming us when it should be fuelling us.

Why is this happening? Why are seemingly ‘healthy’ habits yielding no results? Because even if we’re fuelling ourselves well, we are fuelling ourselves based on generic data. Data that looks at the beneficial properties of foods and fitness and our environment but doesn’t consider how those interact with your very own genes. Imagine if you could find out what is perfect for you and only you?

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Well, actually, you can. ph360 is a web based platform designed to do just that. It gives you access to personalized health. It cuts through all the one-size-fits all noise screeching at you on a daily basis and presents you with the secret to your own health – based on your unique genes and your unique environment.

Many of us see food as a source of pleasure rather than the resource our body needs, fitness is for appearance and the abundance of  health risks in our environment are all but ignored.  The marked increase in autoimmune disorders, cancers, allergies, asthma, gut and skin problems, autism, ADHD and so much more is a red flag. A wake-up call. Something is amiss and ph360 is the answer.

Food, fitness and our environment can be our medicine. We can leverage these to combat obesity, mental illness and chronic disease. We can fuel ourselves with the right things to improve our vitality, digestion, sleep quality, energy, thought function and appearance.

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You can do this by determining the right fuel and the right environment for your particular body.  The nutrients you consume and your environment influence your genes. It’s the expression of your genes (epigenetics) that results in your overall health and wellbeing. We know that we are each unique beings. What we are just beginning to understand is that because we are all different from one another, our needs are different.

To make your personal health recommendations, ph360 uses a 3 step process and takes 30 minutes:

  1. You enter extensive body profile, family history and lifestyle information into their online platform (all you need is a soft tape measure and a computer to do this).
  2. ph360 runs that data through a series of algorithms developed through over 10 years of research into epigenetics, phenotypology, nutrigenomics, endocrinology,  anthropometry and more.
  3. You now have the tools you need to transform your life! Notably, there is an extensive list of food recommendations – the absolute best “fuel” for your body, along with foods you would do best to avoid. There is also a comprehensive list, complete with how to guides, for the best exercises and sports for your particular body and even insights into your mind, talents, social style and the best environment for you.

This is how you find your fit. With the advent of personalized health through ph360, and the revolutionary new ShaeTM you now have all the tools to find your fit and be your best you.

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