We give our body tomatoes, carrots, apples and lettuce thinking that we need to provide minerals like calcium and magnesium, and vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C. But food is much more than nutrients. Food is information that our body is taking in and deciding what to do with it. When you eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner you are feeding your body data. The question is; are you giving your body good information to work with?

Food isn’t the only knowledge that the body is continually taking it. Your environment also provides news to the body including temperature, moisture, air quality, chemical pollution, wind, and so much more. Are the reports from your environment friendly to your body or do they tax your body’s energy?

Even the people that you hang out with, your friends, coworkers, boss, and neighbors, give messages to your body. The people you have conversations with give your body a clue as to what is predominant, how much stress is around you right now and how much love is available? It’s all valuable for your brain and body. It also impacts how your body responds, how much energy it must use to mitigate what is happening and ultimately, it impacts your health.

Your body will respond to the messages by contracting, expanding, protecting itself or with one of many other natural responses. As data comes in, the body will try to assimilate it and decide where it can be best utilized for the body; whether it’s from a nutrient, temperature change or an angry coworker. In every situation the body has to decide what to do with the incoming forces and how to utilize or protect the body from what’s coming in.

So the next time you’re wondering how important it is to select the right foods for your body and to have the right home environment and job, consider what your body is taking in and how it has to process and deal with the material you give to it and what your body can do with that knowledge to maximize your health.

Good information coming in, equals good health going out.

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