Of the many changes that women experience during pregnancy, gestational diabetes looms as one of the most damaging. New research on gestational diabetes published in the British Medical Journal indicates that healthy lifestyle habits and weight could decrease pregnant women’s risk of gestational diabetes by almost half. Moreover, the American Diabetes Association has found that babies whose mothers suffered from gestational diabetes are more likely to become obese as adults.

But here’s the good news: ph360’s individualized diet and exercise plans can help women avoid the risk of gestational diabetes and support individuals whose mothers may have suffered from gestational diabetes while pregnant. What’s all the fuss over blood sugar (known in medical terms as glucose levels)?

Gestational diabetes occurs as a result of high glucose levels in the blood stream during pregnancy, and increases the risk of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis 5 to 10 years post-pregnancy as well as increasing likelihood of obesity in the child. The study showed that being overweight or obese before pregnancy was the most significant cause of gestational diabetes. Yet the insights these studies reveal may only lead to frustration for millions of women who unsuccessfully seek to lose weight each year.

Particularly in pregnancy, hormone levels and nutritional needs vary greatly, which can affect both your weight and how hard it is for you to lose weight. But targeting diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to your body’s specific needs both prior and during pregnancy can tip the scale in the opposite direction. ph360 uses a research-based algorithm that integrates the sciences of endocrinology, epigenetics, and anthropometry to deliver personalized weight loss and nutrition programs so you can nourish both yourself and your new baby.

Eating right for your body and your hormones can make balancing blood sugar a cinch, even when weight loss has been challenging in the past. Every body is looking for its sweet spot, and ph360 makes it easy to learn about the foods that will nourish and help you lose weight. If you’re a mama to be, the more you are able to educate yourself about the best ways to care for yourself while pregnant, the healthier you will be—and the healthier and happier your baby will be, too.

But beyond gestational diabetes prevention, ph360 offers targeted insights that will help balance blood sugar levels for anyone who may be at risk or overweight. The power of personalized health technology is ready and waiting to help you reverse imbalances in diet and lifestyle that might be holding you back from optimal health.

It’s time to discover the individualized path to wellness that works for you. Begin today at ph360.me.

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