With so many new health technologies on the market today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How to know what’s right for youFitbit or Jawbone? And what about the Apple Watch and the new Health app technology from Apple’s iOS 8? Where does ph360 fit into all of this. And how does ph360 really work?

ph360 offers a personalized health report from a 360 degree perspective. It takes your body measurements and physical traits, your family history and current symptoms, your agegender, current climatejob and lifestyle into account, putting this data through an algorithm that delivers personalized health insights.

ph360 is a software program with an incredibly complex backend and a super simple front end—designed for total ease on the part of the user. If it’s so easy to use, what makes it so complex?

ph360 has analyzed thousands of foods for their nutritional properties, hundreds of exercises for their effect on body mechanics and hormone regulation, and coded tens of thousands of ratios corresponding to the personalized health data input by each user. The result? A personalized plan to follow based on the best from endocrinology (the science of hormones), epigenetics (the science of gene expression), nutrition (the science of food), as well as the best of Eastern medicine.

Because ph360 uses your own body and current lifestyle to determine what you need to thrive, it does all the hard work for you. You no longer have to wonder what to eathow to exercisewhere to live or vacation, or what jobs or relationships will be healthiest for you.

Many users come back to us reporting that they feel like, “ph360 knows me better than I know myself!” But ph360 isn’t magic. It’s simply using the wisdom that lies in your body’s own measurements and DNA. By assessing how your genes are expressing themselves in your body, ph360 can determine what your body needs to come into ideal balance.

Much of this has to do with your hormonal profile. Various foods, exercise styles, climates, and social and professional situations can stimulate or aggravate your body’s natural hormone levels. ph360 seeks to help balance out hormonal inconsistencies, which can be tracked via various biomarkers revealed through your body’s measurements.

Balancing hormones means greater ease shedding excess weight, maintaining an effective metabolism, stabilizing mood, and ensuring effective digestion. As you begin to eat the foods that heal, rather than harm, your body, and move in ways that are appropriate for your physical structure, your body will reach newfound levels of wellness.

The best part about ph360? The algorithm does the hard work of determining what will actually help you transform your body—all you have to do is follow along and experience the power of decades of epigenetic, medical, and scientific research. Learn more at ph360.me.

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