With all the buzz about the new Apple Watch, here’s one question that’s been on the minds of millions of Americans: How can I use the Apple Watch to help me lose weight?

Between Apple’s new smarthwatch and iOS 8’s new Health App, which comes pre-loaded on the iPhone 6, we now have more opportunities than ever to use technology to help us lose weight. So before we review a day-in-the-life with Apple’s newest life-changing technology, let’s take a look at the Apple Watch and Health app themselves.

While we don’t yet know the exact health-related features of the Apple Watch, we do know that it will have at least 10 sensors to monitor health and fitness signs. And we know that the Health app, integrated into iOS 8 on the new iPhone 6, will gather and store health information from a variety of devices, including the Apple Watch. By embracing this new technology and taking advantage of the all-in-one health tools developed by Apple, consumers will be able to understand and track their health, taking actions to lose weight based on instant feedback.

The Apple Watch is just the beginning – innovations that combine genetic data with epigenetic factors (like lifestyle, diet, exercise, and environment) and instant feedback from health tracking sensors are at the vanguard of a personalized health revolution. And ph360 is ready to join the ranks!

As Apple introduces personalized health technology, it opens the floodgates for a new approach to healthcare. It may take some time, but tracking heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and other daily health feedback will soon become second nature to us.

In the near future, this personal health information will translate into specific health plans with targeted actions to take in real time. What seems like science fiction to us today – An app that knows me better than I know myself? – will be a vital part of reality to future generations.

ph360 is an example of an app being developed to integrate with the new Apple Watch and Health on iOS 8. Currently an online platform at ph360.me, the app will assess the user’s health status, recommend a personal health plan based on their genetics and goals, and use real-time feedback from tracking sensors to send alerts when specific actions are needed.

A Day in the Life

Here are some examples of what A Day in the Life with an Apple Watch running the ph360 app would be like:

8 am: The GPS-enabled sensor in your Apple Watch logs the current relative humidity and detects that it is going to be very dry today. ph360 Alert: Be sure to drink extra water today and try this list of high water-content foods to stay hydrated.

10 am: You’ve indulged in a sugary breakfast, and the blood sugar level sensor indicates your level is creeping up. ph360 Alert: Please avoid sweets for the rest of the day.

12 noon: Stress at work is kicking in and your heart-rate sensor indicates your beats per minute (BPM) is bordering on too high. ph360 Alert: Take a 5 minute break to relax, slow your breathing, and do something that makes you happy.

2 pm: Calorie burning tracker indicates you’re not burning enough calories today to reach your fitness goals. ph360 Alert: Find 30 minutes to do your exercise routine today. Try doing squats at your desk if you are at work.

4 pm: Your sleep pattern showed night waking between 11 pm and 3 am last night. ph360 Alert: Your hormones might not be balanced properly today since your body needs rest during those hours to regulate. Tonight, try to sleep before 11 pm, and improve your sleep by wearing earplugs or making your bedroom darker.

6 pm: Your profile indicates you have a genetic predisposition towards liver disease and you’ve logged french fries and a beer into your food journal. ph360 Alert: It is important that you avoid fried food and alcohol, please choose another option.

The new Apple Watch is just the first wave of futuristic health gadgets and apps that will change personal health as we know it. Apple and other platforms, like ph360, are rapidly incorporating new advances in technology to deliver truly personalized health plans, stress reduction strategies, and other lifestyle insights that will make healthy living both easy and intuitive.

We’re ready for the personalized health technology of the future, are you? Start by visiting ph360.me today!

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