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How to Start a New Cycle for 2021 – Personalised Strategies

Health Type specific tips for you to begin your year in flow - and have the successes flow in!

Natalie Howard Natalie Howard

If listening / viewing is more your style, click here to watch my lesson on the Health Type’s strategies for getting started. 

2020… all that it was – and all that it wasn’t – closes. Sigh. (Really – take a breath right now. Take three.)

A year ends, and another begins. The truth of life plays out before us – that everything, from the micro to the macro, exists in cycles. Everything cycles through.

It can feel like a centrifuge. Just being spun around and around. But there’s a reason. The spinning separates out the parts of a substance, the components of a solution. The spinning brings clarity. And purity. 

And that’s pretty much what 2020 was for a lot of us. Being spun out, inside a container. So if you’re feeling pretty dizzy – that’s ok. It really is. Whatever you’re feeling from this year – that’s ok.

You don’t have to keep spinning in that same cycle. Now is the time to start a new one. A cycle, or a story, always begins with an orientation. A beginning.

Now is the time to orient yourself again. Even if you’re still feeling like you’re spinning. Pause to breathe. You can set yourself up for a new cycle.

There’s heaps of fantastic advice out there about resolutions and goal setting and releasing what you don’t want to keep carrying into the new year. But how do you know what works for you? Where do you start?

You know the answer… yes, with a personalised approach. Personalised health is SO much more than, well, anything you might think it is just about – diet, lifestyle, mind, social, fitness, environment, work. It provides us with the blueprint for everything. For you.

So while you are not your Health Type, you are YOU – the principles of the Health Types is an excellent place to start. This provides you with the approach and angle that will achieve the most optimal results, for you. 

The truth is, that we all express aspects of all the Health Types. (I’ve written about this in other articles.) Read through the strategies for each Health Type, if you like, because it may well be that one or two ring true for you that are not actually your Health Type. This may be because you are currently in a stage in your personal cycle that has you in that space. And that is fine. You can use the strategy of that Health Type, in order to keep moving yourself from that cycle into your next one.

The Health Type’s Strategies for orienting yourself for a fresh start:


Activators: Activate by reacting

Activators react.  You do. 

  • Don’t labour over long term or detailed plans or reflections. Certainly do some. But keep it brief. When you’re not feeling it anymore, that’s enough. Come back to the present, and just do something that can be done now.
  • Rather than trying to create a space, just go to a different space. Move. Movement is almost always the answer.
  • The world is your playground. The space is what makes you react – and that’s what creates your orientation. So put yourself in a place that orients you for success – challenge, tantalising risk, the excitement of the unknown.
  • Holding in the space of orientation because you don’t know what will happen next, or things aren’t “ready” just builds up the cycle within you = stress and frustration. The space (=the plan, detail, etc) does not need to be ready. You’re ready.
  • Your cycles are supposed to be short, so don’t prolong them by not starting. You don’t need a year long goal. You just need an action for right now.
  • Fuel up, get moving, and get amongst other people and places that ignite your excitement. Don’t hang around where you are pent up.

For Activator specific NY Resolution Hacks, click here.

Connectors: Bring the sparkle

Connectors are the sparkle. The zest. The joy that binds us together. Embody this, and you absolutely shine.

  • Like Activators – jump in and get going – when it’s fun. When you’re with others.
  • The more you connect with others, the more you connect with yourself. Orient yourself with people (and animals and places) that you love
  • Your cycles can be short. Holding back because something is not clear or known yet just builds worry. So go with what feels fun. Exciting. Playful. Shiny. Quite literally, go with what lights you up, what is colourful and bright.
  • Your beginning does not need to be ‘logical’, it does not have to seem to be connected to your end goal by a straight line. Get yourself that nice thing. Dance. Call up a friend to chat about your dreams for the year. Join the group class.
  •  Your cycles are an adventure, following after the fun crumbs. So bring fun into your space, and that is what will bind you there.
  • You connect the fun through the rest of the cycle, and the fun connects you through.

For Connector specific NY Resolution Hacks, click here.


Guardians: Hold and nurture

Guardians hold space. This is a beautiful gift for the world. When we need stability, to go back to our roots, Guardians do this for us.

  • The challenge for a Guardian is to get to the point where they can let go of what is no longer serving. What you do not need to carry anymore. And it’s often what you’ve been carrying for everyone else. By nurturing everyone else in the space, you’ve not been receiving all the nourishment you need.
  • To re-orient, to set the space for a new cycle, a cycle in which you will be fulfilled and held, not just filling up and holding others – releasing is the most important step
  • Take your time, you don’t have to do it all on New Year’s Day. But do try use this window of time as a motivation to start.
  • Journaling is excellent if you do not want to ‘burden’ others with your past. But if you can find someone who you trust can hold what you need to release, share with them. And if it’s not a person, mother earth can do it for you. Take many long walks in nature, and steadily and surely release back to the earth what you do not need to carry anymore.
  • Unburden yourself so you can nurture new seeds to grow

For Guardian specific NY Resolution Hacks, click here.


Diplomats: Make the space comfortable

It is so important for Diplomats to feel comfortable. Satisfied. Not rushed. Not pushed. Totally honoured in where they are and what they bring to everyone.

  • The flip side of this – ultimately, nobody else can ever do this enough for you. Nobody else can truly recognise just how much you are doing for them. Nobody else can make you feel completely satisfied. There’s so much to do, so much to learn, so much to feel.
  • It’s natural to have internalised this view and placed it on yourself. Feeling that you have not done enough. That you are not worthy of receiving the comforts and satisfactions that you desire. That you won’t.
  • Like with the Guardians, release is critical for reorientation. For setting a new space. Release the feelings of how the past spaces have not been satisfying enough.
  • Connect in with what will make the new space comfortable. How you want to feel.
  • Gift it to yourself. Do not wait for it to show up. Just take a small and easy step in the direction that you want – gift yourself a lovely brunch, a lovely new mug, a lovely new plant or blanket for your home, or the course subscription that you really want to learn and can start when you’re ready. Bring in that satisfaction that you want for the new year.

For Diplomat specific NY Resolution Hacks, click here.


Sensors: Monitor, process and manage all the details

Sensors are future focused. And ultimate data processors.

  • It can feel like our cycles are infinite (which really they are) because there is an infinite amount to process, an infinite number of possibilities and perspectives. 
  • Sensors can take on any perspective. But the best one to take to reorient, to start fresh, is the birds eye view. Step back, move above. 
  • Observe what’s happening. See the space, see the conditions. And then see what can be changed. See what can be adjusted with minimal energy expenditure, but maximum results. That is very rarely the thing right in front of your face, which is why you need to get right up in the sky again and look down at it.
  • In practical terms, this is why we need to desensitise, separate from everyone and everything else, and just feel like we’re floating for a bit. Breathe. Then you can establish very clearly and efficiently what you need to do to perfect the conditions. All the details.
  • Perfect conditions for perfect results. (with the acceptance that perfection can be found in imperfection 😉 )

For Sensor specific NY Resolution Hacks, click here.


Crusaders: Direct all movement towards continual achievement

Crusaders, like Sensors, are future focused. You are the most straightforward in setting up a new cycle.

  • Assess the results of the past year/cycle.
  • Identify strengths and successes, and areas for improvements.
  • Strategise ways to optimise results moving forward.
  • Set precise goals with time frames and results markers.
  • Establish feedback loops for ongoing check ins to maximise constant improvement.
  • Delegate.
  • Execute.
  • Repeat.

For Crusader specific NY Resolution Hacks, click here.


Connect with your gratitude for what you have, release what you no longer want, and set your intentions. Do whatever strategies feel right for you to bring in the new year. But try an even more personalised approach. Try orienting yourself epigenetically for the new year. Don’t just have goals and directions that are epigenetically suited to you – have a beginning that is.

May 2021 trigger your genes to express in the way that is fulfilling, expansive and exciting. The way that brings out even more expression of YOU. Your true potential. You’ve got a whole team here supporting you. 

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