Have you been enjoying the Olympics? With competition in sports as diverse as swimming, basketball, gymnastics, diving and golf (to name just a few!) there is something for everyone. I’m not really into sports much but I love to watch gymnastics – what can I say? I’m a sucker for a backflip!

While certainly fun to watch, the Olympics can also be used as inspiration to get healthy.

Your health is connected to every other aspect of your life. If you treat your body right and feel good physically, you can function at your best mentally, emotionally and socially too. For Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps, Simone Biles and Usain Bolt, being as healthy as they possibly can is directly related to their success in their chosen field. For everyday Joes like you and me, being as healthy as we possibly can may not get us a Gold medal at the next olympics, but it might just make our lives far more enjoyable.

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Here’s how you can win utmost health, happiness, and success and win a medal in your own life:

If you’re aiming for bronze: Any change made in the name of health is a step in the right direction. Sometimes, especially when you are just starting out on the path to health, it may be more manageable to ease into it. If you’re going for bronze you’re trying to make some positive changes, but you’re not overhauling your life completely. You might know which vegetables are best for you at this time so make sure to incorporate them as much as possible; on the other hand you might also know that pasta is not the best choice for you but you really love bolognese so you still indulge. You’re making an effort to be active but you’re only going to that Pilates class because your friend goes and it’s convenient – even though you don’t get much out of it and would do better with a more intense workout. Personalized health is all about doing what’s right for us as individuals, but any physical activity is better than none, right?

If you’re aiming for silver: Now you’re starting to see some benefits to this ‘personalized health’ thing and it’s time to step it up – to get a bit more serious. If you’re going for silver, you’re more fully embracing your unique health needs and are sticking more closely to your recommendations. You’re eating all the right foods for you and almost completely avoiding the ones that are not best for you (but it was your friend’s birthday recently and who can say no to cake, right?). You’re also starting to pay attention to when you eat and how often. You might do better with fewer large meals or your body might need less food more often during the day for sustained energy. You’ve also ditched the Pilates class and signed up for something that’s more your pace – boxing or a spin class –  but you’re not quite going as often as you know you should.

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If you’re aiming for gold: It’s getting really serious now! You’ve fully committed to a lifestyle of optimal health and your body, mind and spirit are loving it. You’re in the elite category when it comes to following the health recommendations that are the absolute best for you as an individual. If you’re going for gold, you’re sticking 100% to eating the food that is absolutely best for you and you are completely avoiding the food that’s not ideal (that bolognese was starting to make you feel sick anyway). You’re doing your best to eat exactly when your body needs fuel and in the ideal quantities. You’re getting the optimal amount of sleep at the times that are best for your body and mind – you know for certain whether you’re energized by an early start or that you need to sleep later than most and ease into your morning. You’re also totally nailing your exercise and you’re doing it often as your body needs it. No excuses! The most amazing thing about going for gold? Everything in your life starts to work in harmony and you notice how everything is connected. The food you’re eating tastes amazing (even the stuff you didn’t like at the start but ate anyway because you knew it was good for you)! You look forward to your exercise. You can’t remember the last time you had the flu. Your mind is sharper and you have more energy. Life is good when you aim for gold and do whatever you can to win it!

Going for gold when it comes to health may seem difficult and overwhelming. Where do you even start? Any change can seem daunting, but when it comes to your health it doesn’t have to be complicated. Programs like ph360, and the new app ShaeTM, take the confusion out of health and provide you with completely personalized advice based on your genetics and environment. All you have to do is input your data, follow the recommendations and go for gold! Any olympian that’s stood on the platform receiving their medal would tell you the same – it’s so worth it.

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