The ph360 team is constantly on the lookout for life-changing user stories, and loves celebrating with you when you reach those goals that motivate you to keep going every day. Over the past month, we caught up with some of ph360’s earliest users who have had radical success with weight loss during their first weeks using the platform.

Three users’ stories have been particularly inspiring: Gina, who is 50, Paul, who is 26, and Tina, who is 45. Each of these users came to ph360 with long histories of trying and feeling frustrated with the results of a number of diets and weight loss programs. ph360 was different—nothing was universally prescribed. Instead, they were simply asked to learn about themselves through the use of the ph360 web app. This algorithm behind this app, developed over a decade by some of the world’s leading epigenetic scientists, physicians and personal health experts, uses the body’s measurements to determine specific epigenetic needs for optimal gene expression. It then provides a personalized diet, health, exercise, and weight loss plan for each individual.

Gina came to the program eager to lose weight. Her BMI was nearing a dangerous high, and she was regularly plagued by lethargy and feelings of helplessness to lose the weight she wanted. Yet in the first month of using ph360, Gina lost 20 pounds. She also felt an incredible sense of relief using the ph360 FOOD Dashboard. She says, “I was shocked at the list of foods the program gave me that are specifically for me. Utilizing the information that it gave me, I lost weight quickly.”

Paul faced a similar challenge, and even higher stakes: he faced a high risk for diabetes and needed to lose weight and change his eating habits fast. Paul’s results were remarkable: In his first 2 months on ph360, Paul lost 50 pounds. Paul came to ph360 feeling like he’d tried every diet under the sun. None of them worked for him. And what was most refreshing about ph360 was that it wasn’t a diet. It was smarter than that. Paul says, “This program is tailor made for you. ph360 will make you believe in yourself. That self reassurance you get when you look in the mirror and you’re like: I feel good, I look good – and I’m healthy.”

Paul’s abundant energy and excitement for ph360 got us super enthusiastic about speaking with Tina. Tina had a host of challenges she was hoping to conquer, from losing weight to eliminating digestion issues, stomach aches, headaches, insomnia, and lack of concentration. When we caught up with her, Tina shared that she’d lost 20 pounds in just 2 months. All of those challenges had essentially disappeared, and most importantly, she refocused her energy on finishing writing a book that she had been wanting to complete for a year and a half. In Tina’s first week of ph360, she found herself motivated to take the necessary steps to to get her book ready to share with the world.

We’re thrilled about what Tina had to say: “I love what I learned about myself through ph360. Over the last 3 and a half years I haven’t felt like myself. Now I feel more in line with who I’m supposed to be. I feel happier, and everyone around me sees that. I finally feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit to the beach. And I know that I don’t need to rely on the scale—I can just look at my body and concentrate on how it’s changing and how I’m feeling. I can rely on that.”

ph360 gives you the opportunity to rely on something lasting: Simple health solutions based on your very own DNA. There’s nothing more reliable than that! Explore more today at!

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