When you get sick, your natural inclination is to go to the doctors. You’re in pain, you’re slow and tired, you can’t do the things you like to do – you generally don’t feel good and you just want someone to make it go away. This is completely understandable. No one likes being sick and it’s a part of human nature to try to stop things that don’t make us feel good. And I for one feel better after a visit to my doctor confirms that there is nothing seriously wrong with me.

You may be prescribed some medication for what is causing your symptoms or, if it’s the flu, you may just be sent home and told to rest up until it passes. While a doctor’s visit may settle our desire to feel like we’re doing something to make the bad feelings go away, do we rely on the humble GP too much? Have we become so used to making an appointment at the slightest sign of discomfort that we have forgotten what the symptoms of a common flu (which can and should be nursed at home) even are? Have we as a society turned health into something that we only pay attention to when it fails us? Have we completely forgotten the power of prevention?

Prevention can be easy and effortless with the help of tech like ph360 and ShaeTM. But what does prevention mean to you? What does health mean to you?

Health isn’t just about not eating junk food and trying to exercise when you can. It’s also not just about doctors, hospitals and medication. Health is intricately connected to all aspects of your life. What you do for work, what kind of climate you live in, who you choose to spend your free time with, when you eat as well as what, how and when you sleep, when and where you go on vacation and on and on – all these things have a huge effect on your overall health and wellbeing. Every choice we make in day to day life has an impact on our health and ultimately our lives.

This may sound like it can get overwhelming – worrying about the outcome of every little decision you make from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep. But the idea is not to inject more stress and make health into a huge overwhelming thing that’s just too big to deal with. The idea is just to shift our attitude a little. Recognise that each one of us has the power of prevention. Let’s stop relying on our doctors to ‘fix’ us every time something is wrong with our bodies. Let’s learn to listen to the little signs that clue us in that we might be getting sick so we can prevent it ourselves. Let’s educate ourselves and take responsibility for our own well being.

Ultimately, this is about recognising that your health is important. That it’s worth prioritizing. That it can make your life so much more enjoyable. Because you deserve to enjoy your life. You deserve to be happy and healthy.

We are lucky that we live at a time when technology like ph360 and the new ShaeTM are freely available and make it easy to know exactly what is right for us as individuals. We are lucky that we live in a world where information is freely available and we can make our own informed choices when it comes to health. We are lucky that we have the power of prevention. Now let’s use it.

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