When I started my adventure with ph360, I had some big expectations. I expected to lose weight and have fewer stomach aches—two challenges that had been with me for many years. Within my first month on ph360, those two expectations were fulfilled. But there were some surprises along the way, too. I started  noticing benefits I had never expected!

Here are the 12 surprising benefits that came to me as a result of using ph360:

  1. Energy. For the first time in my life, I’m actually waking up before my alarm goes off at 6 am. I’m excited to jump out of bed and begin my day because I feel new levels of energy that sustain me throughout the day!
  2. Mood. Mood swings can be particularly challenging as we go through our monthly hormonal cycles. With ph360, my hormones feel much more balanced. I feel more positive on a moment-to-moment basis and experience way fewer mood swings.
  3. Sleep. Especially since having children, my sleep has been far from how it was when I was growing up. Since ph360 though, my sleep has returned to being truly deep and uninterrupted.
  4. Skin. I thought I was done with skin troubles when I left my teen years behind, but my hormones had other plans. Starting around thirty, I started getting pimples again. Moreover, I had red blotches and brown spots clouding my complexion. Within a couple weeks of starting on ph360, my skin cleared. I could not have been happier to finally be able to see my face again!
  5. Work. The mere idea of going to work and managing my responsibilities used to completely stress me out. So when my ph360 WORK dashboard told me that I should be delegating more and avoiding situations where I would be doing direct sales pitches, I listened. The simple act of delegating so that I could do what I do best transformed my work relationships. I enjoy my job and the people I work with more than ever.
  6. Exercise. I used to dread exercising and could barely force myself to do it. It felt like torture! After incorporating the tips and exercises from ph360, I love and actually look forward to working out!
  7. Cellulite. ph360’s combination of diet, workout, and lifestyle tips has transformed parts of me that I didn’t dream of hoping for, including erasing the cellulite on my butt and thighs. Bye-bye cellulite!
  8. Parenting. As a happier, healthier version of myself, my relationship with my kids is better and stronger than before. I’m more able to show up, play with, and love them fully.
  9. Body. As I lost weight, my body shape also changed. Since I started on ph360 I’ve dropped 2 sizes, which meant it was time to add a few cute new items to my wardrobe!
  10. Allergies. I used to have seasonal allergies to pollens that seemed to last all year—there was always some pollen in season that I was allergic to. Sneezing and puffy eyes were just a normal part of my daily experience. But not since ph360—my allergies have completely disappeared!
  11. Hair and nails. My new diet and health plans have my hair and nails growing like weeds—faster and stronger than ever.
  12. Sex. Last, but definitely not least, my sex life has gotten way more exciting and fulfilling. More on that next week!

What unexpected benefits have you had through your time on ph360? Start today at ph360.me!

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