Science is discovering more and more how intricately connected the body is to each and every part or the whole. The health of the mind affects the well-being of every other system in the body. If the mind is out of balance then many other health conditions can arise and cause any symptom possible. How do we keep our minds healthy so that the rest of the body stays well?

We all have different personalities, different perspective and influences. We have different brain chemistry and different reactions to life and circumstances.  Yet like many others, I have learned that for me having positive emotions, thoughts and ideas help me in keeping my mind functioning well. During times when I am feeling discouraged or upset at someone, I notice my brain is not as sharp and I don’t have as much energy as I do when I feel happy.

Another thing I have notice that positively affects my mood and energy level is doing activities I enjoy. Doing something that I don’t want to has the opposite effect. Simulating my mind in the right way helps keep it happy and gives my body energy.

When you are not feeling your best make a conscious effort to go do and activities that lifts your mood, such as dancing, walking, riding your bike, talking with a friend, meditating or sitting down with tea and a book. Another great activity to lift the mind is to write ten things you are grateful for in your life. Then list the people that you love and who love you back. These things seem so simple and small, but they make a big difference on your overall health simply by lifting your mood.

What I eat also affects my brain.  When I eat junk food, or too much chocolate, my energy level is really low, which affects other areas of my body such as my muscles, breath and mental function. Because of this relationship, I am continually monitoring my thoughts as well as what I eat. I strive for healthy thoughts while I eat a healthy diet.

In the past I didn’t know exactly which foods and activities were perfect for my personal health. I did a lot of research and learned as much as I could about healthy food. Then I received my health assessment from PH360, then I knew exactly which foods were good for my brain and body and which activities stimulated me in a good way. I stopped eating a diet recommended for everyone, and followed a diet specific to me. That was reassuring to my mind and it improved my vitality. I feel great. Feeling well helps me keep happy thoughts as well. It’s a circle of each one helping the other. If you want to know specifically what foods and activities are best for you, you can take your own health assessment at

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