Life with ph360: Balancing Everyone’s Needs in the Household

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It’s been a couple months since my family embarked on our journey together with ph360, and I could not be happier or more energized to continue. Instead of some of the other diets or fitness programs I’ve tried with friends, where we’re all supposed to do and eat the same things, Mike, the kids and I get to try new foods every day that are uniquely healthy for each of us.

I’ll be honest: I was worried at first about how we would balance our different demands, especially in the kitchen. I’m a busy mom and the provider of nourishment in our family, so it’s important to me to provide the nutrients that each of us needs.

My ph360 FOOD dashboard suggested that I eat red meat frequently, while Mike’s advised that he eat fish and shellfish but no red meat. And I know that our kids need more carbs than either Mike or I do. After my initial freak-out, I realized that this was actually a super cool opportunity for us to grow as a family, supporting each other’s health by celebrating our differences.

Mike has a family history of heart disease and needs to lower his cholesterol in every way possible. So instead of stressing out, I decided to find a solution. We could eat more fish and seafood, and I could eat red meat at lunch and at other times where Mike and I were not eating a meal together. It was the least I could do to take away the temptation of red meat by not keeping as much in the house.

Going to the grocery store, I’ve started printing out each of our Foods to Eat lists, and stocking up on as many of our 4 and 5 star foods as I can. I’ve also moved high-carbohydrate snacks into an entirely separate cabinet for our kids to have easy access—and for us to be able to avoid.

One of our favorite meals that works for everyone in the family is fish tacos. The kids have theirs in tortillas, I turn mine into more of a salad, and Mike is able to load up on the protein and healthy fats he needs while avoiding red meat.

As I learn to celebrate our differences instead of dread them, I’ve become more bold about asking for what I need, and encouraging my husband to do what he needs to keep himself healthy, too. It’s such a fun journey to be on together—I can’t wait to discover how we can better support each other and make our family even stronger.

I’m letting all my friends in on a little secret: ph360 is offering a Lifetime Membership until the end of the month for only $97! Such an amazing deal for a tool that has already transformed my life and relationships for the better.

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