Despite the current trend towards dietary sensitivities (gluten, dairy, sugar, you name it—at least one of my friends has it!), I spent almost the entirety of my life living with the discomfort of an undiagnosed lactose intolerance.

Every day, and nearly every meal, came with awful stomach aches. I tried all sorts of diets and elimination regimes to figure out what I might be allergic to, but I was never quite sure what it was.

And it wasn’t just my internal organs that suffered. Along with the tummy aches came awful bloating. I looked like I was 5 months pregnant after every meal, and would often be embarrassed to eat in public. Not to mention that indigestion doesn’t make you feel very sexy.

Still, though, by the time I turned 30, I felt relatively resigned to the reality that I would probably live the rest of my life with a hyper sensitive digestive system.

And then I started using ph360. After completing the initial assessment and entering my measurements, I jumped as fast as I could to my FOOD results. I wanted to see what my phenotype (my measurements and the way that I looked on the outside) could tell me about the insanity my digestive was up to on a daily basis.

When it put all dairy on my Foods to Avoid list, I wasn’t surprised. I had tried eliminating dairy before, but it never stuck. This time things were different, though. Because ph360 also provided a huge list of new Foods to Eat that gave me a way to distract myself from what I couldn’t have with new foods that were yummy AND good for me.

Instead of lamenting the ice cream I couldn’t eat, I decided to try some of the new foods recommended for me. Grapefruits, endive, sunflower, and sesame seeds turned into an amazing new salad that was super nourishing and refreshing. And although I was nervous to be too adventurous with new foods and my sensitive digestion, once I stuck to eliminating dairy, I barely had any tummy aches at all.

And while I was glad to be out of years of discomfort, I was equally over the moon to watch my bloated belly deflate faster than I ever could have ever imagined. Goodbye bloat, hello flat belly!

I can’t wait to try all the new foods from my ph360 FOOD dashboard that will keep my system happy, outside and in.

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