Every day on ph360 has been an exciting one for me—and I’m not one to keep my excitement secret. My husband, Mike, and close friends know all about ph360. But when I talk to my husband about ph360, things often turn serious. His father and grandfather both died of cardiovascular disease, and his mother had it too. And I like him and want to keep him around for a long time.

At first, I was more motivated than he was to get him on the ph360 program. Mike was definitely hesitant to make any lifestyle changes—like many of his friends, he loves his beer, steak, and lying on the couch watching sports. But as each day passed and he saw the difference that ph360 was making in my life, his curiosity got the better of him.

Beyond my weight lossclear skin and disappearing cellulite (all of which he definitely enjoys), he noticed that I was much happier overall. My energy and motivation increased a ton, and the changes I’ve made at work have dramatically reduced my stress. The results right in front of his eyes were enough to make him say: “Can I join?” Obviously, I was thrilled!

We sat down together to fill out his Personal Health Assessment, and both learned a lot about his family history and his current health status in the process. It’s not often that you sit for 30 minutes and think only about your health and day-to-day wellness. The key to doing anything with Mike is that it has to be fun. So I helped him take his measurements and we turned it into a fun stripping game—hey, whatever it takes, right?

Then came the results, and of course the first thing he wanted to look at was the Food List. And though he was scared to look at his results, they weren’t at all as bad as he had imagined. ph360 suggested that he cut out alcohol and red meat for a period of detox, but there were a lot of foods that he enjoyed on his Foods to Eat list.

Mike’s results encouraged him to eat seafood regularly, and unlike me, he is able to have dairy products on occasion. He also was not asked to give up carbs or coffee, but was encouraged to switch to oatmeal and dried fruit for breakfast and incorporate green tea into his daily pattern. Key power foods for him are pomegranate, papaya and pineapple to help with his digestion, and lots of heart-healthy vegetables. These all felt totally doable!

The program asked him to focus on making sure he gets in a good aerobic workout every day, and that he moves throughout the day even when he’s at his desk. He also needed to drink more water, make sure he’s getting enough natural light, and choose a warm, dry location for his vacations (surf trip to Baja, he happily announced!).

After he finished reviewing his results, we decided to commit to following our ph360 programs together for a month. Although our specific Food Lists and Exercise Plans have some differences, we will support each other in staying on track. It’s a fun project for us to do together with an added bonus: We’ll be in better health as we age so we can keep enjoying our wonderful life together.

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