Note from Team ph360: We are thrilled to announce our next guest blogger, TinaB!

Tina has an astoundingly inspiring story to share of her journey with ph360, and we welcome her to the Life with ph360 blogosphere with open arms. The first installment of her story is below.


One day last year, I woke up early to go for a walk before work. I stared at myself in the mirror while trying on yoga pants. I was disgusted with myself. Instead of going for that walk, I climbed back in bed and sulked. I wasn’t feeling up for a walk. I wasn’t feeling up for much of anything. I enrolled in therapy—surely I was suffering from depression of some sort. I rationalized that once I got through my depression, then I would start exercising.

But the therapy didn’t help, so I went to my doctor to get my hormones and thyroid checked. After 40, I heard, is when all the hormones go crazy. I had mood swings for sure. I had gained almost 25 pounds over the past few years. There had to be a medical problem. Thankfully there was not.  But on the other hand, that meant there were no specific causes other than what I was doing to myself. But I had tried everything. Nothing had worked. I was a failure in my own eyes.

I wanted so badly to get control of my life. I felt completely out of sorts. I was sick of being sad all the time.

Then one day I got a Facebook message from an old friend. I had not seen her in years, yet here she was messaging me to try a program to overhaul my life-mind, body, and soul. Those were the words I needed to hear at that moment. I think if she would have said “diet”, I would have deleted the message.

But this seemed different. And I was ready for something different.

What came next—my experience with ph360—changed my life. I’m excited to share my Life with ph360 with you over the next few weeks, and reveal all the ways in which this program transformed me.

Lots more next week.

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