Life with ph360: How I Healed My Unhealthy Relationship with Chocolate

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Ever since my first bite when I was 4 years old, I have had an unhealthy love affair with chocolate. As a kid, I knew where my mom’s secret chocolate stash was and how to take just enough so she wouldn’t notice. As a teenager and into my adult years, I could never eat anything less than the whole bar of chocolate—or whole bag of chocolate chips. If chocolate was in my vicinity, it was in my mouth.

When I started ph360, I was eating at least 1 chocolate bar a day—the good, organic dark chocolate kind, but a whole bar and sometimes 2 or 3. I thought it would be the hardest craving—some might say addiction—to break. Take away almost anything from me, but do not take away my chocolate.

I scanned my FOOD dashboard with dread, worried that I would find dark chocolate on my list of Foods to Avoid. Not seeing it there, I felt an initial wave of relief wash over me. That is, until I saw that it was only given 1 star on my Foods to Eat list. That meant I was advised to eat it less than once a month. Yikes!

Moreover, the only sweeteners recommended for me while I was trying to lose weight were stevia and agave. Determined to give it a shot (but incredibly doubtful), I bought a bag of stevia-sweetened chocolate chips. I willed myself to only eat a few chocolate chips each day (clearly that’s not once a month, but it was a good start for me!). And incredibly, I was very pleasantly surprised.

As I followed other areas of ph360, changing the ways that I exercised, socialized, and approached my career, I must have been getting my endorphin and serotonin fix in other areas. Now, sometimes several days go by without my thinking about that bag in the cupboard.

Today, I realized that more than a month has gone by and the bag is still 3/4 full. Talk about a radical change in diet! I feel much better not being tethered to my chocolate, and my body feels lighter on the whole.

What food cravings are you ready to bust? Let ph360 help you today!

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