I started ph360 for a number of reasons: I needed help with digestion, sleep, congested skin, muscle tone, and yes—weight loss. And although within a week I felt a difference in my overall health and I quickly lost 5 pounds, things then seemed to plateau.

I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing more weight, more quickly. Week after week, I’d weigh myself only to discover that I hadn’t lost anything more. But something strange was happening: My clothes were starting to be really baggy.

When it finally got to the point that I needed to wear a belt to keep my pants on, I decided it was time to investigate a little deeper. And since ph360 was always reminding me to take new measurements, I started there.

That’s when I learned to love the tape measure. As I measured my waist, my arms, my hips, and my thighs, I realized that although my weight hadn’t changed, my body had. Dramatically. Between my waist, hips, gluteus thighs, and rib cage, I had lost 20 inches!

I was stunned. I thought about all my years of obsessing over the scale without ever considering the shape of my body. Suddenly, measuring myself seemed like the only reasonable way to get an accurate read on my health.

Inputting this new information on ph360, I found that my Body Fat Index (BFI) and Body Mass Index (BMI) had gone from too high to normal, and my lean muscle mass had gone from too low to normal. ph360 was literally reshaping my body, in just a matter of weeks.

At the end of my first month on ph360, I had lost 7 pounds. And gained a better looking physique than ever before. My muscles were toned, my butt looked great, and my belly was flat. After years of battling with digestive bloat, this was a huge relief!

Now I actually look forward to tracking my progress to see how far I’ve come, something I never felt using the scale, and would never know using the scale alone.

ph360 has not only helped me reshape my body, it’s also given me an opportunity to rethink healthy. Like so many of my friends, I was obsessed with the number on the scale as opposed to the bigger picture of overall wellness and physical health.

As I continue to see changes in my physique, I know that they won’t always be reflected by my scale. And I’m glad! It’s way more fun getting to know my body with a tape measure.

Get started on your ph360 adventure today at ph360.me!

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