After many months of sharing my ph360 experiences with you all, it’s time for me to let the next excited user step up and fill Life with ph360 with their wisdom!

Speaking of—the ph360 team has told me they’re on the hunt for the perfect Life with ph360 blogger to fill my shoes. If you’ve got a story about ph360 you’d like to share, please email with “Life with ph360” in the subject line.

Tell us all about who you are and why you’d like to share your story with thousands of readers across the US! Whether you started ph360 to lose weight, sleep better, or clear up your skin, it’s your unique experience that matters.

You might be wondering about privacy: If you’d like to share your story but don’t want to have the limelight on you so publicly, ph360 can limit what information people are able to see about you. You don’t have to give up your privacy in order to inspire others!

And of course, if I’ve learned anything through my time thus far on ph360, it’s that my individuality is my greatest asset. Your stories don’t have to be like mine—the ph360 team just wants to hear your honest experience.

Thanks for letting me share so much with you over the past weeks! It’s been a blast. I hope you’ve gained something from Life with ph360 each week, too.

And remember, if you’d like to share your own ph360 story, send an email to with “Life with ph360” in the subject line. The ph360 team can’t wait to hear from you!

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