Since hubby and I are both dedicated to following our ph360 plans, we’re having fun watching our bodies – and each other’s bodies – change. Our bellies are flatter, our muscles are more toned, and we generally look and feel a lot better. That translates to increased confidence and energy in the bedroom! Our sex life has always been fun, but things are totally different now that we both have better body consciousness.

Eating in ways that fuel us and keep our digestion healthy has given us both far greater ease in our bodies. Now that we eat the foods that work for us, rather than just what’s convenient or what we’re in the habit of eating, our bodies run more smoothly than ever. That means that my tummy troubles and chronic belly bloat aren’t issues anymore. I’m more comfortable in my body, and so I’m more comfortable sharing my body with him.

Once my husband started shifting his diet, his body changed significantly, too. He’s more confident now, and enjoys showing off the changes he’s experiencing in the bedroom. Since the food he’s eating energizes him instead of making him feel dull, he has much greater endurance. He says he feels like a “clean running machine,” and I have to say I like this new version of him!

Now that we both have new exercise routines, we’ve been able to be more adventurous than ever before. I’m stronger than I was before, and so is he. We both feel that our libido has increased significantly. And it’s fun to know that we have more options for what to do with our bodies than ever before.

As so many other areas of our life come into greater alignment, we are finding that our communication is more fluid. That translates to the bedroom, too. I have an easier time expressing what I want, and am excited to hear what he wants. There’s a lightness to our time together that comes from us both having a clear sense of who we are as individuals. From that place of strength, we can support and give each other pleasure more easily.

Everyone knows that sex is, by nature, a personal matter. But bringing ph360 into our lives has meant that we both get to be ourselves where it matters most. Honoring our unique needs in every other arena has given us the freedom to truly enjoy our sex life. We’ve been together for 15 years, but these days we’re like we were when we first met.

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