Halloween means dress-up, fun, parties, trick-or-treating, and regardless of your age, candy. The ritual of eating candy on Halloween is so deeply ingrained in our culture it’s difficult to imagine the holiday without mini Snickers bars. And it’s one thing to fight your own personal battle against sugar, and an entirely different thing to try to bring your whole family with you. Especially since we started using ph360, my husband and I are more committed than ever to staying healthy on Halloween this year.

Luckily, we’ve found some local resources over the years that have made this easier. The first, and most appealing to our kids, has become a tradition in our family. The kids get 2 pieces of candy each on Halloween night, which is already enough to get them to the brink of a stomach ache, and then we sell the rest of the candy to a local dentist who pays $2 a pound.

My kids are motivated to get as much booty into their Halloween baskets as possible by a different reward than the sugary treats – they want the cash. To sweeten the deal (no pun intended), I match whatever the dentist pays, and my kids get to use the money for whatever they want, even something mommy would not normally buy (last year they bought 20 plastic toys from the Dollar Store).

They get to have all the fun of trick-or-treating, and still get to try their favorite candies, but the allure of having some pocket cash is strong enough to prevent them from sneaking more. Many dentists have similar programs—simply call your dentist to find out!

As for my husband and I, we like to stock up on healthy treats that will keep our eyes from wandering to the candy. I like to have the fridge stocked with pre-cut or washed fruit in see-through containers, so that I can reach for those when I feel a sugar craving hit.

The lead-up to Halloween has been especially exciting this year because I don’t feel the dread I usually experience, knowing it will be difficult to stop myself from eating too much candy. My diet has changed so much in the past few months with ph360—and I feel so fulfilled by the foods I eat on a daily basis—that my cravings have almost disappeared.

The candy bowl just doesn’t have the allure that it used to!

How do you like to keep your family and yourself healthy on Halloween?

Check out your own crave-busting personalized diet today on ph360.me.

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