My first month of ph360 was up, down, and everything in between.

I signed up, and on day 1, I promised myself to give it a chance for 30 days. I had no expectations, just an open mind. I was going to follow it exactly—no variations at all—so that I could see if it was right for me.

That month was tough, very tough. I needed support to get through my challenging days. I had established horrible habits that were proving to be difficult to break. My life is busy, so I needed to have options that allowed me to get food fast (without fast food!). I needed motivation to exercise. I needed ideas of what to cook at night, especially when I have a family that needs to eat too! I wanted to still enjoy going out to eat. How was I supposed to stick to this with my family eating junk food all around me?

I got my support that month from the ph360 team. They were amazing and talked me off the edge a couple times. By the end of that first month, sugar was no longer a thought in my mind. The word “burger” didn’t make my mouth water, and my new idea of dessert was fruit. And it tasted so sweet and delicious! My energy was back and I felt a little bounce to my step.

That first month, I lost 10 pounds and somehow found the motivation to publish my book that had been sitting completed for over a year. I needed to follow the plan longer. I had worked so hard to get rid of those horrible habits. There was no way I would go backwards.

But would the plan continue to work? More next week on my journey to better health.

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