I cannot count how many people have told me that they plan on starting ph360 as soon as the new year comes.  My answer to them is simply, “Why wait to start taking care of yourself?”

The holidays can be a tough time for everyone when it comes to maintaining good healthy habits.  There’s the stress of shopping, holiday parties, incredible feasts planned, Starbucks’ Gingerbread Latte, more holiday parties, etc.  With so many temptations and so little time, it can seem impossible to find a balance.

With ph360, maintaining or reaching your healthy goals is possible! We need to remember that even though a particular food or treat is listed as a food to avoid, it may help us emotionally on occasion.  Here are some tips that I have used to get through the holidays:

Plan your treats: Decide what you cannot live without.  Do you really need that latte?  Is is the peppermint bark that makes you feel in the mood for the holidays?  Whatever it may be, pick only what you cannot do without (and you can’t pick everything!).  I sit down and do this on a FULL stomach before I go to the party, or shopping, or to that dinner. Once you are at your event, allow yourself this one treat, and then stick to your food plan for the rest of the day and party.  I also limit my treat days to one day a week this time of year (I am in maintenance mode but I am still pretty strict). I have friends that allow 2 days through this time of year.

Pack healthy snacks: I keep almonds and fruit with me at all times.  When I feel like pigging out, I just tell myself to eat fruit  or nuts first.  It does the trick every time.  I am never hungry enough at that point to eat food that is not good for my health.

Eat a big bowl of steamed veggies before you go out to dinner or to a party. Enough said.

Exercise in the morning: You will be less likely to make unhealthy choices if you start your day off right!

Celebrate your achievements: I am less likely to eat unhealthy food when I feel good about my accomplishments.  I remind myself how far I have come. If I am having a bad or stressful day, taking the time to remind myself of how well I have done actually keeps me on track.

Keep your goal in mind: Just think, if you start before the holidays, you will be shopping for new clothes in the new year instead of just getting started!

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