My health journey has had its share of ups and downs. While now I am blessed with a baby on the way, I have had my challenges, as we all do.

I pushed my body and mind too hard, trying to live in a way that I perceived I ‘should’. I journeyed through chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and anxiety for over a decade. I spent many years seeing all sorts of medical professionals, sometimes seeming to make progress, sometimes seeming not to. Despite best efforts, nothing quite ‘solved’ it. None of the general approaches really worked, because they can only help so far. You need personalised solutions. And, often, so much of the solution is already in us.

I have been empowered with all I have learnt from ph360, strengthened by my experience working with the ph360 Retreats Team. I’ve seen the proof of the success of personalised health solutions.

I really knew the power of letting myself live the way I’m meant to, when I became pregnant – a true sign of my health.

My previous experiences with the medical system prepared me to engage differently this time. What is healthy for me, is personal to me.

Pregnancy is a situation where, in the mainstream, a person isn’t necessarily ill at all but they are highly involved with the medical system. I wanted to be sure of the healthy progression of my pregnancy, but I did not want to be ‘medicalised’ at all.

My first, and lasting, hurdle was asserting that I was not “underweight”, and so did not wish for additional management. As a Sensor, I know that I am in a healthy weight range, it being normal that I am below an average which includes everyone from slight Sensors to sturdy Guardians. I’ve had many comments through the pregnancy about my size, which, when I’m feeling especially hormonal and vulnerable, have upset or worried me. But, I return to what I know, which is that I am unique, not an average. I need not worry that a big guardian midwife frets at how small I am.

I’ve also had a number of generic or routine medical procedures presented to me. Some of them didn’t seem right for me, either unnecessary or not in line with me personally. It can be hard to decline something, especially when faced with the “But everyone does it” attitude, and especially in the highly emotional experience of pregnancy. But really, not “everyone does it”, nor needs to.

Here are my thoughts to empower you in living your personalised health too, even if you do encounter a generic medical system:

– Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

– Seek additional advice. Empower yourself with reliable, diverse knowledge.

– Assert yourself. If you know your body is designed a certain way and has specific responses to things, explain this. A good healthcare professional will welcome this so they can tailor their approach to you.

– You don’t have to do something just because “everyone does.” Ask about the alternatives. They often do exist, they’re just not usually presented first.

– The final decision is always yours.

I am glad that I have had what I’m calling a “personalised pregnancy.” It doesn’t mean I haven’t seen and benefited from medical professionals. But I have also utilised my ph360 profile, my own research, and my own intuition. I’ve been able to live in both health worlds – the personalised and the generic – in a way that I know has been right for me and my baby.

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The opinions expressed are those of the author. The content of this article and the recommendations of ph360 do not constitute medical advice. Always consult the advice of a medical professional for a medical condition.

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