Do you love having a massage? Some people say no, much to the surprise of others. Do you like essential oils? Some people do and others really dislike them. That is because we are all different, not just in our tastes and preferences, but we are unique in how our bodies respond to different treatments.

One reason that most studies don’t get consistent results is because different biotypes will have different needs and different reactions. Acupuncture works well for larger bone biotypes and is less effective on the long, thin biotypes. Homeopaths work better for the Mesoderm, which tend to be shorter, medium boned people. Long, lean Ectoderms generally respond well to aromatherapy.

The key to getting good results with any type of therapy is to know your body, know your biotype and know what works for you. You might love how essential oils smell, but still find that as a treatment for illness, they are not effective.

The same is true for exercise and jobs. It all depends on your biotype.  For example, Explorer types are like a cat; they need to do short burst of high energy exercise, with rest in between.  Where the Equalizers, which have high body mass, need thirty plus minutes of medium aerobic exercise three to four times per week get enough circulation and oxygen to their large amounts of muscle and mass.  Chargers have bodies like Lance Armstrong and they are the best at jobs that require a lot of brain power. They love to think and stay in their head. Guardians make good nurses and receptionists because of their nature high levels of oxytocin which accounts for their desire to be around people, talk and nurture.

When it comes to staying health, pampering yourself and getting extra treatments, know your body, and your biotype, so your therapies are working for you and not just feeling good.

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