Michelle Obama, Kelly Slater, Apple & Samsung Take a Stand for Your Health

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It looks like the world at large is finally catching on to the next big movement: Personalized health. Thanks to public figures like First Lady Michelle Obama, and surf legend Kelly Slater, and brand mogul Apple, prioritizing your health is easier than ever.

Last week surf legend Kelly Slater announced a new line of all organic, non-GMO products, developed under the guidance of a physician. The company, Purps, says its mission is, “Uniting nature and science to promote your life’s health.” Slater is leveraging his public persona to help educate people about the importance of nutrient-dense foods. We can’t wait to try a Purps Hydro, Kelly!

On a national level, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama is doing all she can to make school lunches healthier, in partnership with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Since her husband’s first term in office, Mrs. Obama has been a proponent of gardening, exercise, and healthy eating. In the New York Times earlier this year, she wrote: “Remember a few years ago when Congress declared that the sauce on a slice of pizza should count as a vegetable in school lunches? You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know that this doesn’t make much sense. Yet we’re seeing the same thing happening again with these new efforts to lower nutrition standards in our schools.” Mrs. Obama and Vilsack are supporting a shift in health and wellness at its very root: Educating children about the importance of fueling their bodies with foods that will heal and nourish rather than harm and deplete.

Their efforts are right in line with the upcoming release of Apple’s forthcoming Health app (for iOS 8) and Samsung’s S Health app. While S Health helps you track and manage your eating, sleeping, exercising, and heart rate, Apple’s Health will aggregate and integrate info from a diversity of health tracking apps, and let you share this information with your physician and other healthcare practitioners.

Across sectors and political divides, there is a positive trend towards taking health seriously, from what we put in our bodies to tracking our progress. ph360 incorporates the best of all of these trends in one place and personalizes your health, so you can know the right foods, fitness and lifestyle for your body, right now.

Take advantage of our brand new Lifetime Membership for just $97, and optimize your health and wellness to align with Kelly Slater, Apple and the First Lady as they refocus the spotlight on health and longevity—both for ourselves and for future generations.

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