Do you have a list handy of your top ten ways to improve your mood? If you don’t have this list written down already, then I suggest that you create one, and here is why. Your current mood has a huge influence on which hormones are running through your body. Your mood is like the main actor on the stage of your life; it directs the attention for the mind, hormones and nervous system. Many processes happen in your body as a result of your mood, or state of mind. That is just one reason why positive thinking is so important. How you think and feel causes your cells to respond in a good way or bad.

So what will you put on your list of your top activities to lift your mood? Here is my list:

  1. A long hike in nature
  2. Dance to great music
  3. Talk with my honey
  4. Call one of my daughters
  5. Play with my grandchildren
  6. Play tennis
  7. Float on water
  8. Hot bath
  9. Be around animals
  10. Eat chocolate
  11. Research a topic on the internet
  12. Write

I can think of twenty more, but the point is to have a go to list so that if I get feeling down, and I don’t feel immediately like listing out twenty things to be grateful for, I can just do something on my list. I spend a lot of time on my computer and when my mind is tired or feeling down, I go for a hike, take a hot bath, dance or exercise. These things always make me instantly feel better. I know that when I am discouraged for a period of time, then my energy level drops. A lower energy level indicates that many cells of the body will not have everything that they might need, because lower energy means lower activity in all areas.

You can do a great service to your health by lifting your mood whenever it drops. If you want to know what activities will lift your mood the best, check your ph360 profile and look in the MIND section. This will tell you the activities that are best for your specific body. If you don’t have a ph360 profile, take the free health-type test for a detailed overview for your biotype.

Here is me on the top of Crystal Mountain; top of the world, physically and mentally.

Do what makes you happy! Do it!

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