MY FOOD GUIDE is back!

Next time you login to your FOOD dashboard, you’ll see that My Food Guide has reappeared right at the bottom! It’s a snapshot of how to incorporate all your foods into your week!

You’ll see a different tip on your dashboard every day and you can click through to see your full guide. This gives you specific times to eat your foods, how often to eat them, and a general overview of your food week personalized to YOUR body, right now!

Using your FOOD GUIDE with your Smileys

Now that the FOOD GUIDE is back, let’s quickly clarify how to use it with your FOOD LIST!

  • Your FOOD GUIDE gives you a general overview of how to go about eating your foods each week
  • Your FOODS LIST show you which foods are MOST important for you to eat (Most important = most SMILEYS)

So here’s a little application…


If your FOOD GUIDE suggests that you should eat White Meat once per week, and you have several types of white meat listed with Smileys, the idea here is to CHOOSE from the selection of smiley white meat! The white meats with the highest number of smileys is the best for you at this time, however, sometimes, 1 option can get a little boring, so you have the option to CHOOSE which of the Smiley white meats you’d like to eat!


If you FOOD Guide suggest that you should eat green leafy vegetables every day but all your green leafies only have 3 smileys.. This means that a VARIETY of green leafies will be best for you! For example, if you have Kale 3 smileys, Spinach 3 smileys and Bok Choy at 3 smileys, you might try Kale twice a week, Spinach twice a week and Bok choy 3 days in the week – you’re getting your green leafies every day AND you’re getting the VARIETY your body needs right now!

Your FOOD Guide gives you a snapshot of your week – a simple guide that’s easy to follow .. Your FOOD LIST gives you all the specifics you need to so you can choose to stay in optimal health! 🙂

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