Ever notice that a trip to the desert just stresses you out, while it brings your friend a sense of total wellbeing? That’s because different body types need different climates to thrive. How do you know what climate is best for you?

One way is to consider where your ancestors came from. Our bodies are often still hardwired to be at their natural best in the climate where your grandparents’ grandparents made their home. It’s in your DNA!

So while certain people need humidity in order for their joints and physiological systems to function smoothly, it can be detrimental to others. The same goes for light, heat, cold, and wind. All of these factors can significantly affect the way your body manages stress, disease, and even day to day factors like sleep and energy levels.

So the next time you’re outside and you notice yourself feeling unexpectedly peeved by the weather, take note. Is it windy? Excessively humid? Too cold? These are all cues that your body is seeking greater balance in the other direction.

If humidity is important to you, there are ways you can create humidity in your environment, or you can find a humid place to spend vacation time or brief moments throughout the week. Remember that humidifiers and dehumidifiers were created just for this purpose, and take the time to customize your environment to your benefit.

Wondering how to personalize your living space the way your ancestors might have? Here are 3 quick tips:

  1. Go Where You Feel Good: You know that “ahhhhh” feeling when you’re somewhere in nature that just feels good? Seek that out and schedule in time to visit those places on the regular. It’ll help balance out the hours you spend indoors, at your computer, and in front of your television with a flood of healthy- and happy-making negative ions.
  2. Adjust Your Indoor Climate: Make sure you’re getting the air flow, light, warmth or cool, and humidity or dryness you need indoors. All of these factors can be easily adjusted, and the experimentation is worth it. Consider the money you’ll save by not getting sick as often in the coming year.
  3. Vacation Where Your Ancestors Lived: Trying to decide where to go for your next vacation? Consider a trip to where your ancestors lived before they came to the US. You might just find your body waking up to a whole new kind of wellness, rooted in your genes!

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