I’m into the last months of my pregnancy, and my goodness, what a rollercoaster! There’s so much that can be shared, but I want to let you in on something you may not know about, even if you’ve been through pregnancy yourself (don’t worry – no scary details here – this is a fun one!) I certainly didn’t know this before – and it makes so much sense of things now that I do!

As I have progressed through pregnancy, my hormone levels have shifted enormously (understatement of the century!) While it can – and does – feel crazy at the time, it’s actually been quite precise, and, incredibly, syncs up perfectly with what we know about the Health Types in the ph360 circle. I’ve been ticking my way around the circle, from my usual sensor self with my dominant hormones of vasopressin and dopamine – making me very intellectual, forward thinking and independent, among other things – through to the other side of the circle to the varied worlds of the Activators, Connectors, and, soon, the Guardians.

In “Activator Phase”, around the early and middle stages of my pregnancy – my dominant hormones shifted towards adrenaline – bringing all sorts or fiery new experiences of heightened reactiveness, anger and impulsivity (sorry everyone!) – goodbye calm logic, hello emotional overdrive!

Now, moving into the later stages of my pregnancy, I’ve shifted into “Connector Phase” – where I’m now creating, and needing, increased levels of oxytocin. It’s not that I didn’t have this before I was pregnant, we all produce all the hormones, but our dominant levels differ according to our Health Type. As a sensor, at the opposite side of the wheel to a connector, I generally haven’t been oxytocin driven. Oxytocin is a bonding, feel good hormone, which is what drives a healthy connector to get lots of social interaction, but not so for the sensor (when not pregnant of course). Oxytocin also stimulates growth – which is really showing in how big I’m getting with my happily growing baby!

So here I am, used to a lifetime of being more reserved when it comes to social interaction, and especially physical contact, becoming aware of feelings of…wanting attention? Wanting affection? Wanting to be around people more? Wanting to – my goodness! – share personal things with people?? How incredibly…different…but, also…wait – what is this feeling…is it…fun? So this is what it feels like to be a connector! Ha! It’s actually pretty fun to hang out with people, laugh, take funny photos, hug, tell jokes, wear silly festive hats. And it’s good for me!

So it can be quite bizarre to my mind at times, when I compare to how I ‘usually’ think and feel – but it’s such an amazing experience in thinking & feeling like someone else. I haven’t ‘stopped’ being who I am – the sensor me is observing this whole journey as a fascinating study – but I am also able to experience being someone quite different, and enjoy the ride.

Apparently all this oxytocin is showing, and not just in my baby bump – my activator husband, snorting with laughter at an utterly ridiculous & random joke I made, told me in his wonderfully direct way, “I love this! You’re so much more fun!” And how did I react? Not with a logical, reserved reaction of mild offence – I just snorted with even more laughter!

So bring on that oxytocin and the wonderful world of the connectors – just in time for the festive season too!

Stay tuned as I share more about my journey so far, and what comes next! I’d love to connect with you! Follow me and comment on ph360 and my Facebook page and join the conversation!

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