Life is never still. Change is happening moment by moment as time passes by. Control is just an illusion. Fundamentally, if there were no change, nothing could happen and reality would be frozen forever.

However big changes in our lives, such as moving house, getting married, getting divorced, leaving home, death of a loved one, redundancy or retirement can all be very stressful and overwhelming to your nervous system. Today’s frenetic lifestyle, which encourages constantly striving for the next bright bauble, allows very little time for pause, for stillness, for just being.

How often in your day, do you pause and connect to your inner stillness or your inner wisdom?

For most people the answer is rarely or not at all. Society, upbringing, and western culture trains and encourages us to live our lives from our head space, our mind. But our mind is only about 10% of who we are. We also have a body, emotions, energy, intuition, which are rarely used to anywhere near their full potential, they are quite likely just taken for granted and ignored if you live from your head and not your heart.

Stillness is not about everything coming to a complete stop and time standing still. Rather, it is a relaxation, a letting go of the constant whirring of cogs within your mind. It’s being at one with yourself and that moment of time. Taking time to pause and tune in with yourself, what is happening in your body, emotions, energy and being ok with whatever is there. Then to stop the mind stepping in, take your awareness to your breath or focus on a branch of a tree dancing in the wind or the flow of water if you are out in nature.  As you give yourself time in this space it gives your intuition time to give you a pop up that can be heard, felt or seen, that gives you answers you have been searching for, or guidance on your next step on what you are working on, or even the next step in life.

I have found that adding regular pauses in my day allows me to be more relaxed, more in tune with my body, emotions and energy and in turn more productive. I’m sitting writing this in bed with regular pauses to watch the tree dancing outside my window, as I have found that when I sit at the computer words rarely flow.

Start adding moments of pause throughout your day. Just stop what you are doing, especially if you are feeling stuck or frustrated and take a few moments to tune in with yourself and see what a difference it makes to your life. If you are out in nature pause and soak up your surroundings and feel replenished by the elements.

By Pam Lob

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