We all wish the Holiday Season to be a time of peace and joy, a time to celebrate with the people that matter. So why can it be a time of stress when we all finally get together?

Of course, it’s because we are all different. Even though we all want the same basic thing- to feel good in ourselves and with each other – what this is for each of us can look very different.

The most thoughtful gift you can give is to understand someone and allow them to be their unique selves. You can have a stress free event this season that is happy & healthy for everybody.

Here are some simple tips to help you understand each Health Type at your holiday get-together.

That person who’s getting pent up and restless and just wants to ‘do’ something – let them get a game going, get moving and get outdoors!

Activators need to move. Sitting around chatting for hours is a tough ask, so give them the opportunity to get away and move. A game or competition will give them fun and excitement. They probably won’t be too fussed by the weather if there’s the prospect of activity, so getting them outdoors is excellent. Even if you don’t join them out there, give them a challenge and see how they’ll leap at it!

That person who wants to chat to everyone and have the whole group wear festive hats – let them have fun with you all and enjoy the moment!

Connectors just love being part of the group, and feeling like everyone is having fun. An invitation to a social event is the best gift for a connector, and the more lively it is the better – they’ll be happiest if there’s music, decorations, and all sorts of people to meet and socialise with.

That person who wants to feed and hug everyone, and just have everyone close – let them have that by being near and present with them.

Guardians are fulfilled by deep, close connection with loved ones. This is a special time of year to come together, perhaps a rare occasion for some. Making the effort to spend quality time with a guardian this season will mean so much to them. Sharing a meal, long conversations and warm hugs will go a long way in topping them up.

That person who wants to sit back, relax, and enjoy a lovely meal with no rush- let them indulge in the peace of the moment and really unwind!

Diplomats feel good when there is harmony and an easy pace. They will enjoy a deep conversation more than many brief ones. They will feel best with a relaxed atmosphere, delicious foods and comfortable seating. Catching up with them about their interests, or offering to do any chores to help out will really help them take it easy.

That person sitting quietly on the edges, or giving you very brief answers to your questions about them – let them be a part of the gathering in a way that feels comfortable for them.

Sensors feel good in calm settings. Give them the quiet end of the table or room so they can be with you all, but comfortably so. Intellectual conversation is far more enjoyable to them than a purely social chat. It will make them feel more valued by you than many personal questions. Ask them what they’ve read or learnt recently and they’ll open up much more.

That person who just wants to talk about their latest passion in great depth, or just go read or work on it – let them enjoy their interests and what drives them!

Crusaders spend their time purposefully. They probably have at least one important project or passion going right now. Letting them share all about this will really boost them. And if they’ve chosen to allocate time away from their passion to be part of a gathering, it’s actually a sign of their commitment to you. Let them know with sincerity (but not fuss), that their presence is acknowledged and appreciated to affirm their choice to be with you.

It’s healthy for us to live according to our uniqueness. So rather than letting our differences become a possible source of friction, encourage and embrace them.

Try something different this season – gift people with what they need by personalising how you treat them. See how good it makes them feel, and yourself in return!

Not sure of the Health Types of your family and friends? Why not share the Health Type Test when you get together! It’s a great activity for everyone – fun for the Activators and Connectors, bonding for the Guardians and Diplomats, and intellectually stimulating for the Sensors and Crusaders! Find it here.

Want some tips on how to take care of what YOU need this season? Find out here.

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